Ceramica Botanica

26 May


I came across Ceramica Botanica whilst doing my many research crusades. I oh so very much dig the playful rain drop shapes, creative patterns, and soft colors! My bet is that Ceramica Botanica’s creations would look very good with slices of fruit (and cheese) sitting on top of their bootiful tops.


These guys would prolly look great hanging on the walls too. Ya know to add some color to your den.

$27.00 Two’s a company three’s a party raindrops. Meh? I am not really sure what that shape is but it looks cute and thass good enough for me.

Ceramica Botanica also creates vases in the same style. A lot of the designs on these plates and vases are not very far from the mid mod style we all love. Poke around that Etsy store ya’ll and see if there isnt anything that makes you turn your head real fast.

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