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Cheap vintage clocks on eBay!

10 May

I’ve been staring at clocks on eBay that are cheap as heck and available “Buy it now.” Here are some of my faves for you guys to stare over.

$14.95 Vintage 1950- 60’s open-work “brass” finish electric shelf/mantle clock.

$19.50 Turquoise blue wall clock.

$8.00 television radio clock.

$30.00 USSR Space Clock

$20.00 Mod Cube Clock

$50.00 Japanese mod clock

$10.00 Wire Clock

$20.00 Gold Maple Leaf Wall Clock

$12.00 retro clock

Helpful Tip For Ugly Old Cords

Many vintage clocks come with those pesky electrical cords that hang down your wall and are an eyesore. We had purchased a tasty Lux starburst clock that came with a brown ugly cord dangling out of it. Some of the time the cords are shot and don’t even work anymore! For instance this $12 clock on ebay that says it’s “just for decoration.” Chances are there’s something wrong with the clock innards, also known as “the movement.”

You can buy battery powered clock movement and swap out that old electric junky stuff. This is what it looks like:

Our starburst clock only came with an hour and minute hand, so my main squeeze Alan noted that we can only replace the clock movement with one that has a matching number of hands. (The one in the photo above has the hour, minute, and seconds hands.)

We bought a cheap Ikea clock for $4.00 that used AA batteries, and had the correct number of hands we needed. We swapped the guts and replaced the hands with our original ones. They fit well enough. The problem we ran into though was that the new clock movement casing didn’t fit into the backside of our Lux starburst clock. Eventually we found a smaller similar clock movement that worked perfectly. So be aware of the size of your clock’s insides, as well as how many hands the clock originally came with.

Read up more on this article about changing your clock guts.

As for that Ikea clock, well we spent $4.00 on it and I really liked the wooden frame it came in so I reused the glass and frame for some artsy farsty wall hangings!


10 May

In the first 18 seconds of this video (by Common) I spotted a George Nelson clock, 50’s kitchen canisters, a crock pot like Serene’s and a formica dinette.  That’s what’s up!


9 May

40.00 I cant believe this is 40 bucks.

60.00 6 of these mustard-y chairs for 60.

150.00 This dude looks like he may need some help.

70.00 Post says this dude is green…I kinda think yellow and orange?


The Jaywalker-1956

7 May

Hilarious how to’s from a jay walking addict.

Friday Delights

7 May

$120.00 for a dinette with inlaid design. Says ” Not in perfect condition for this price, but adorable & displays/ functions really well!” Not exaaactly sure what that entails, but make a note anyhow.

$60.00 for this set of two Heywood Wakefield style night stands. Oh my that’s nice!

$65.00 for a delightful deco style dresser with vanity mirror. Man I want this. So delightfully blocky.

How I spend Cinco De Mayo

6 May

Celebrating furniture. Ay ay ayyyy!

$40.00 for this chair. I want to know what that upholstery is. Is it furry? Is it vinyl? I don’t know, but it’s rad and got some skinny legs.

I feel like maybe this has been listed before? Meh. $85.00 in Downtown Sacramento.

$150.00 in Placerville. Not practical of course, unless you want to torture your kids at home by giving them a constant reminder of school.

$200.00 for this Burke set that needs to be painted and reassembled. Look at that sleepy big ol’ puppy dog in the background there.. Yeahhh that’s a good’un.

Giant sleek teal couch

4 May

Joslyn shared this rad post with us on our Facebook page. Measures a whopping 96 inches long, and is going for only $200.00 in Rocklin! Sacramento people, that’s a hell of a deal that isn’t too far for us! (Original Post)

Pigeon Toe

4 May

I love Pigeon Toe designs! So thoughtful, clean, simple yet quirky. She even sells air plants (chick must be talented if she’s keeping them things alive).



I also really dig Pigeon toe’s business type motto:
“Pigeon Toeʼs aspiration is simple: to provide mankind with everyday beauty. Highly curated and refined, each piece is culled from skilled hands, trained minds and inspired hearts. Founded in 2009, our studio exists in the heart of charming Southeast Industrial Portland. Featuring artisan objects that transcend trends, each piece is an attempt to redefine a new age of homegrown, grassroots aesthetics.

Our designs are naturally imperfect, casually irreverent and playfully charming.

Each piece is treasured. Beautiful. Authentically hand-crafted. Each object emanates enduring value.

The result? Heirlooms that are hardly old-fashioned. Objects that appear discovered, rather than acquired. Objects with a vision, a purpose. A heritage.

Objects with a story.”




San Francisco, you’ve got some nice furniture.

4 May

Actually this is all over the Bay Area, South Bay, and East Bay. But still, y’know it comes up under those SF craigslist postings.

$150.00 chair in SF. Dang that’s all hot and sloped.

$175.00 chair from the same seller.

$50.00 in Santa Cruz.

$65.00 in SF, yo! Convert that plug to battery, y’all.

$120.00 in Oakland. DUDES, THAT’S A STEAL!

$30.00 in HERCALEEZ! Ahem, Hercules. It was a stereo cabinet but got gutted.

$180.00 for these two saucy S-shaped chairsssss. In Santa Rosa!

$85.00 two tiered magazine rack — and a real lusty artsy photo of it, if I do say so myself. Oakland!

I kinda bet it smells. BUT IT’S AWESOME. $150.00 In San Jo! YEEHAW!!

“Oh HEY, you caught me strolling down the sidewalk!”
Lane end table for $130.00.

$25.00 in “The Industrial City.”

Weird little strappy dude for $200.00 in Oaktown.

100 bucks for a display cabinet in Danville, y’all.

Another Danville gem, this credenza with (Jeffrey) Tambor doors. $149.00.

$190.00 craziness lamp.

30 BUCKS! Santa Clara.

This little thang has been around for about a month now. Give it some love.
$85.00 American of Martinsville in Santa Rrrrosa.

I just drank soo much coffee, dudes. I have pretty much been screaming along with my Pandora radio during the transcribing of this post. Y’all welcome.

Want! Can’t have! Petite blonde chest.

4 May

$75.00 in Roseville for this cute little Lane chest. I love those legs. I don’t usually care for blonde 50’s style wood, but this one got sucked into my radar love.

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