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Sacramento – Finally!

30 Jun

Geometric table base with glass top. Tall enough to eat at! I think it’d be a great entry way table – throw a LAMP ON IT. $50.00 here in Midtown.

woweewawewaahhh! I love this piece from the Broyhill Sculptra set. $375.00 in East Sac.

And a few out of towners..

$100.00 in San Jose. Broken bits, maybe they’ll go down in price?

$20.00 in the East Bay. Check it out, it’s got the butt groove in the seat! Comfy times.

Nothing in Sacramento today, but more San Francisco.

30 Jun

Ya jerks! There’s usually no point in even attempting to trek all the way down to SF from here to pick something up — chances are it’ll be snapped up  by someone local. So, here you go.

$25.00 in San Mateo. DANG that’s cheap.

$40.00 in Richmond. Ooh!

$60.00 Santa Rosa. Creamy.

APPARENTLY – this thing is $75.00 and is George Nelson. The catch: this is in Santa Cruz and it might be a typo.

$50.00 in South SF. Looks like a big fat caterpillar.

$10.00 in Oakland. Yep.

Expanding rosewood table for $200.00 in Palo Alto. That’s pretty cheap for what it is!

Two padded shell chairs for $40.00 in the Mission, SF.

Lane chest for $175.00 in Hayward. This one is quite different than most Lane chests I see.

$100.00 six drawer dresser in HAAAYword. Hayyyy.

Just two things in SF real quick!

29 Jun

Wherever San Anselmo is, they have a bunch of these. The seller or giver-away’er pleads with someone to “please take them all.” Original Post

$80.00 Arc lamp in Oakland. Original Post

I screen YOU screen

29 Jun

I screen you screen is a screen printing shop based in Grand Rapids, and selling through Etsy. Here’s a couple of prints from them that may be to your liking.

I have always had a fascination with letters and numbers. This new trend of prints that display such are right up my alley. So ABC 123 trend please stick around for awhile.

New old thangs!

Danish delights, teak dreams, midcentury screams.

27 Jun

Good day Midcentury enthusiasts! Ya’ll ready for that workweek grind? I’am not. Epic waterslidin’ happened yesterday and today I am feeling all sortsa bad ideas I had yesterday in my neck. Gettin’ old is rough or being young and dumb is. Anywho no more gibber gabber here’s some of that furniture:

350.00 for this wonderful set! That highboy. MAHMEHMMM.

120.00 for them fancy legs.

400.00 City slickers this dude looks perfect for you!

100.00 like a good baseball mit. All worn in and comfortable.

100.00 Lurve glass tops! So classy and convenient.

80.00 lawdy lawdy. Check out that original post and inspect them darling x’s and white top.

75.00 Look at them drawers.

120.00 for this set of classy chairs.

75.00 Yellow!

30.00 The kiddie table never looked so great!


Turning the geek up

23 Jun

This is on a totally unrelated modern note…but it does have to do with your house being totally adorable and pleasing. So here I go. Lookin’ out for all you midmod anime nerds out there. Cute art is a shop selling through Etsy, based out of Thailand. They have adorable Spirited away, Totoro, and Princess Mononoke Kodama knick knacks for a decent price. Check out they store and squeal over the cute like you aint never squealed before.

Your pen’s are going to be so happy!

Think of how many wonderful things can find a place here in this tray. Remotes,keys, change!

If one day you decided you didn’t want to look at yourself any longer you could totally take out the mirror in this thing and hang it as a wreath on your front door. Then everyone would know that you were the coolest kid on the whole entire block! Cute art makes a bunch more um …cute art! So if your into that Totoro tray but like no face a whole lot more poke around that store and see’s it for your self.

Mimomito Yard Sale

20 Jun

Serene and I are going to have a yard sale this weekend. I have been doing some serious spring cleaning and now I need to reclaim my living room and garage from piles of things that I no longer need. My stuff will be cheap because I am desperate to get rid of it all. Here are some bigger pieces that will all be going for $20-$30 each.

This Drexel solid walnut book case will be $40.

There will also be tons of  housewares, vintage clothing and a bunch of random crap that I just want to give away for free.

The address where we will have the sale is:

5617 Bradd Way, Sacramento 95822 and it will be Sunday June 26th from 9am-2pm.

Serene will also be posting some photos at some point, so check back.

Bedroom set 125.00

20 Jun


Goodwill online finds

18 Jun

SO MANY good things to look at right now at Remember that the finds here are not the going price yet. Shopgoodwill is a lot like Ebay. You gotta bid and all that. Recently I came across a Dansk Icebucket and a reader bought it. I hope it went for a good price! Anywhoo nuff talking here’s some stuff.

17.00 Swanky head that was used to display hats at one point in it’s life. There’s also a blue one available that is still at 3.00.

31.00 This fan is the coolest looking thing and it looks like it’s been kept in pretty good condition.

33.44 Yesterday I broke one of Serene’s Corn on the cobb holders. I was really gettin’ that corn. If I had the money I’d replace the one I broke with these.

6.00 These things are really neat lookin’.

5.99 for this vintage vanity set.


4.00 Little ol’ bowl.

31.00 for 14 of these glass negatives.
One more because I gotta watch that t.v….

5.00 ISNT IT CUTE?!!?!!? OK OK one more that one was more for me than it was for you’s guys.

5.00 45 of these guys in this set!

6.00 Eskimo fan. Ha. Clever.

Sacramento, where you at.

17 Jun

$195.00 Glass and rosewood Kagan-style coffee table. Oh how I love the sculpted wood.. mrrr.

WHAT WHAT WHAT? A whole table set for $25? Yeah, it’s got some sort of moldy blue 70’s infestation happening – but have you any idea how easily this could be REUPHOLSTERED with cheap black vinyl (Hancock has some seriously cheap fabric right now..) and incredible? The table top is oblong! ACK! BUY IT!

Kent Coffey walnut dresser for $200. Shazam.

Teak Japanese screen for $89.00. That’s a steal for some classy business right there.

$80.00 for THREE outdoor patio tables! HOLY CRAP! You have a backyard? Then get you some.

$75.00 in Vacaville. Standard.. white.. subtle.. you?

Two for 20 bones. Says I, PAINT ‘EM BLACK.

$75.00 for a lamp and less than interesting end table. Meh.

4-HUNDO! Mo-DESTO! $400.00 in Modesto :)

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