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Today’s the day!

1 Jun

Scout Living opens its doors today at 11AM. It is a soft opening and there are a few things that need to be finished, but it is lookin’ mighty fine, if you ask me. I snapped some photos for you guys tonight:

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Check it out sometime this week, but if you only have time to make it once – make sure it is to the Scout Living Grand Opening Party on June 11th from 5pm-9pm. The Mimomito crew will be there and we’re dying to meet you all. =)


Seattle Modernism

1 Jun

Giiiirl, I love Seattle! I try to make it there as much as possible, so when the opportunity for an impromptu trip presented itself last week, I was all over that. Below is me saying my farewell yesterday:

 While I was in town, I made it a priority to check out Seattle’s Modernism scene, of course. First stop, Chartreuse International LLC, Modern Furnishings:

The friend that I was traveling with needed to be dropped off near Pike’s Market, and on the way from there to the place I was staying I passed this store. I have a thing for furniture (obviously) and when I pass a good-looking window display, it is the equivalent of me passing the finest babe in town – I slow down my car, roll down my window, give a longing gaze and sometimes I even have the urge to whistle. Can anyone relate? No? Okaaay …

Anyway, I was driving down 1st Ave and I passed this window display:

How freakin’ cute is that kid’s table? You’d stop too, right?

I went into the store and was able to chat it up with all the employees. Apparently this location is Seattle’s oldest MCM store and has been around for 15 years.  The owner of this store used to do window displays for Macy’s back in the day and she has totally mastered it. Here are some of her set-ups:

There is a mixture of new and old. They had just gotten in a ton of vintage teak items:

The staff was so friendly and passionate about design – it was very refreshing. If you’re in the Seattle area, this is definitely a store to check out.

Retrofit was pretty decent. It was a store of only reproductions, but it was nice to get more ideas of how to incorporate classic designs (i.e. Eames shell chair-styled rocker, or George Nelson -knock-off- starburst clock) into a your modern home.

Lighting Supply- for your modern lighting needs:

A note-worthy store that I didn’t make it to is Area 51. My pal Jake  (he does graphic design and he is awesome- check out his stuff) was kind enough to take me there, but unfortunately they were closed. Based on what I could see through the window, there are some gems to be purchased! Go there and tell me all about it.

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