For the chilruns: Little sapling toys

3 Jun

I’ve had several conversations with my husband about what kinda toys we should be buying our future kids. I am firm on the cardboard boxes and twigs idea. He’s leaning towards transformers and his legos. My idea is that cardboard boxes would give our future little ones their first footing into developing a rad imagination. Which to me is a pretty great tool to have in life. I’ve gotta compromise with my husband though. Sometimes I get a lil’ carried away with my ideas. It would make dude really sad if he didn’t get to relive his childhood through his own children-i.e miss out on the opportunity to have an excuse as to why he is constantly playing with children’s toys (everybody gonna be having a good time nah mean?). Any-who here is a shop on etsy that cultivates imagination for the lil’ ones and looks great doing it. I hope you like it. I sure do.

30.00 I luuurve that Lil’ sap used stains to translate a rainbow!

It’s also pretty great that one could build really rad shapes with this bow of rain.

54.00 Nothing like a good set of building blocks. Yes. Yes. Nothing like it at all.

38.00 I dont remember much of my rattle. I am pretty sure I had one though.

12.00 At first I chose to present this guy to ya’ll because he looked like a really neat whale. Then I figured out that it was a teething toy (I just read the title-Priorities!). I was a lil sketch about such a thing being put into a child’s mouth but reading the description made me feel a lil better. Still. If it seems like a bad idea but you still like the look of this thing it could easily be used for decoration. Get creative dudes.

23.00 Your choice of five of these adurable lil’ critters!

50.00 This is such an interesting thang I shall quote the Lil’ sap. Seller:
“This Maple, Cherry and Walnut Lacing Toy helps children develop fine motor skills and shape recognition. The nine piece set includes a circle, triangle and square in three different shapes and three different natural wood colors. The pieces are easy to grasp and the lacing holes are proportionate in size to each shape.”

38.40 Now you may have figured out the reason I stumbled across this shop….it was the letters. Dudes. You could totally keep these things once your kids are done playing with them. That’s not selfish. That’s called recycling, er refurbishing. Teeth mark’s just seem like they would add to the charm.

One Response to “For the chilruns: Little sapling toys”

  1. alicia June 5, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

    aw man! these are awesome!

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