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At the front today: anaventura

13 Jun

Ana Ventura creates some of the cutest little characters one could find. They are a bootiful balance of dainty and bold (check out dem colors and patterns yo).

383.06 Look at that orange, green, white, and all dem patterns going on. I wish I could pull off an outfit half as good as this.

11.79 Itsa TAPE! Think of all the wonderful packages you could make more wonderful with these little dudes dancing on the top of your brown parchment paper.

103.11 Two things I personally have been crafting-making as of late. Them embroidery hoops and houses! I really dig the white on that grey. Looks pretty classy.

36.83 Winter days screen print. MUSHROOM HEAD!

147.33 All the different tools Ana uses is incredible. Makes me assume her workplace is a treasure mine full of goodies to experiment with. Check out her store for other goodies not mentioned here!

Back in action!

13 Jun

Some of our posts about the fantastic local finds have been semi-lacking as of late, but we have all been quite busy! Our apologies, dear readers. Enough yapping, let’s get to the good stuff.
Holy kazaam. Check out this $200.00 record console in San Francisco. Huzzah.

three fantastically green shell style chairs for $40 each. Get ’em in Fair Oaks.

70’s BLUE BLUE BLUE chair in East Sac.

$600.00 for this super wide Drexel dresser.

$150.00! Occidental brand 1950’s stove in West Sac.

$150.00 for this teaky clean table.

$200.00 big ol’ desk in Reno.

$50.00 for this dresser! wat!

Two orange barstools for $80.00 in Tracy.

$35 rolling teak cart in Gold River.

$50.00 arc lamp with marble base in Chico, yo!

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