San Franny and Sacrammy.

15 Jun

$150.00 for this plastic “bar” piece. It holds your bottles, cups, and even your ice goes in the middle! Hoorah! In SF.

Just in time for sum-sum-summah time, this three piece lawn chair set for $160.00 in Santa Rosa!

$65.00 for a cute little orange CB2 stool in SF.

$150.00 for this mid century highboy in Sacramento!

Hutch and table CRAZINESS in Carmichael for $425.00

Got some fish that are super into mid century design? Are they always complaining about their tacky tank? Well a $40.00 fish tank will ease their fishy brains. Down in South Sac.

$79.00 for a set of two turquoisey chairs in SF. Seller says they’re, “SMASHING!”

$200.00 in some place called Eureka Valley. Sticky green vinyl goodness.

Hot. — but I’d want it in a different color. $80.00 in Roseville.

Two Wassilly repros that need to be rechromed. Boo. $50.00 each in SF.

$200.00 little brown desky poo. Waiting for you in Hercules.

$100.00 ceiling fixture in SF. Free delivery in town! Oof I want this.

Hutch for $100.00 in Davis. Got some scratchies.

Cheapy $40.00 desk in Natomas.

Super radical 70’s wall art for $85.00 in SF.

YUCK — I WANT IT! $70.00 for ugly comfort in Sacramento.

Mainline brand bedroom set for $1000.00 and some headboards fo’ mo’! Get yer fill in Hercules.


One Response to “San Franny and Sacrammy.”

  1. Rose June 15, 2011 at 8:14 pm #

    You could put a bird in that fish tank er I mean Terrarium! Or just fish. Fish would do good there.

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