These aint your Granny’s hoops.

16 Jun

$28.00Well actually maybe some of these embroidered hoops are in your Grandmama’s style and I think that’s okay. Cuz Grannies can have style too OOKKKKKK! *Finger snaps.

I thought it would be neat to present to ya’ll the idea of hoops. LOTSA HOOPS. It’s such a cheap way to add color/patterns/neat looking things into your house. They also can serve purposes other than being rad lookin’ like hang neat fabric you can no longer use, store earrings, make a cork board – endless thangs! Looks great doing it too! Here’s a couple of hoops from Etsy that would give your collection of hoops of fabric some extra pizazz or idurs.

Mimomito meet Mr. President Clevand. He is green-but not with envy, and textured. The texture of embroidery is rad. Because it’s not too much but just enough to make you feel like your place is soft and approachable.

36.51 For this realistic clean lookin’ rooster guy.

22.00 Such a neat idea.

25.00 If you are in love this hoop is for you. Let it shine it’s beam of lovey dovey reminders down onto you and your dear so that you may never forget how wonderful you feel. Hai people NOT in love I didn’t forget about you either-

42.00 JK JK. You’s wonderful too.

25.00 I really dig this lady and how her hair poofs out a bit.

36.00 This dude above is from Slovakia. He’s nifty lookin’ right?

18.00 For this single feather.

20.00 If you like dry ironic humor then maybe poke around Gracy May’s shop. She’s got tons of witty little embroidered sayings to go round.



75.00 Houses Houses HOUSES.

28.22 for the textured art.

60.00 I am ending with the begining. Just because Fricdementol’s stuff is so very very rad and I so very very much advise those of you that like what they see above chh-chh-chheck check out dude’s shop. Very talented and bootiful thangs.

3 Responses to “These aint your Granny’s hoops.”

  1. alicia June 18, 2011 at 4:23 pm #

    aw man, mr. president cleveland piece is amazing!

  2. Catherine November 22, 2011 at 4:10 am #

    Just stumbled across your blog, I had fun looking at your picks and reading your descriptions. Thank you for including my embroidery here! Got to love embroidery hoops as a decor item :-D

  3. Rose November 23, 2011 at 10:16 am #

    Thanks Catherine! I love the texture in your hoops and your color choices! They are so neat :]

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