Sacramento, where you at.

17 Jun

$195.00 Glass and rosewood Kagan-style coffee table. Oh how I love the sculpted wood.. mrrr.

WHAT WHAT WHAT? A whole table set for $25? Yeah, it’s got some sort of moldy blue 70’s infestation happening – but have you any idea how easily this could be REUPHOLSTERED with cheap black vinyl (Hancock has some seriously cheap fabric right now..) and incredible? The table top is oblong! ACK! BUY IT!

Kent Coffey walnut dresser for $200. Shazam.

Teak Japanese screen for $89.00. That’s a steal for some classy business right there.

$80.00 for THREE outdoor patio tables! HOLY CRAP! You have a backyard? Then get you some.

$75.00 in Vacaville. Standard.. white.. subtle.. you?

Two for 20 bones. Says I, PAINT ‘EM BLACK.

$75.00 for a lamp and less than interesting end table. Meh.

4-HUNDO! Mo-DESTO! $400.00 in Modesto :)

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