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Goodwill online finds

18 Jun

SO MANY good things to look at right now at Remember that the finds here are not the going price yet. Shopgoodwill is a lot like Ebay. You gotta bid and all that. Recently I came across a Dansk Icebucket and a reader bought it. I hope it went for a good price! Anywhoo nuff talking here’s some stuff.

17.00 Swanky head that was used to display hats at one point in it’s life. There’s also a blue one available that is still at 3.00.

31.00 This fan is the coolest looking thing and it looks like it’s been kept in pretty good condition.

33.44 Yesterday I broke one of Serene’s Corn on the cobb holders. I was really gettin’ that corn. If I had the money I’d replace the one I broke with these.

6.00 These things are really neat lookin’.

5.99 for this vintage vanity set.


4.00 Little ol’ bowl.

31.00 for 14 of these glass negatives.
One more because I gotta watch that t.v….

5.00 ISNT IT CUTE?!!?!!? OK OK one more that one was more for me than it was for you’s guys.

5.00 45 of these guys in this set!

6.00 Eskimo fan. Ha. Clever.

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