Turning the geek up

23 Jun

This is on a totally unrelated modern note…but it does have to do with your house being totally adorable and pleasing. So here I go. Lookin’ out for all you midmod anime nerds out there. Cute art is a shop selling through Etsy, based out of Thailand. They have adorable Spirited away, Totoro, and Princess Mononoke Kodama knick knacks for a decent price. Check out they store and squeal over the cute like you aint never squealed before.

Your pen’s are going to be so happy!

Think of how many wonderful things can find a place here in this tray. Remotes,keys, change!

If one day you decided you didn’t want to look at yourself any longer you could totally take out the mirror in this thing and hang it as a wreath on your front door. Then everyone would know that you were the coolest kid on the whole entire block! Cute art makes a bunch more um …cute art! So if your into that Totoro tray but like no face a whole lot more poke around that store and see’s it for your self.

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