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Danish delights, teak dreams, midcentury screams.

27 Jun

Good day Midcentury enthusiasts! Ya’ll ready for that workweek grind? I’am not. Epic waterslidin’ happened yesterday and today I am feeling all sortsa bad ideas I had yesterday in my neck. Gettin’ old is rough or being young and dumb is. Anywho no more gibber gabber here’s some of that furniture:

350.00 for this wonderful set! That highboy. MAHMEHMMM.

120.00 for them fancy legs.

400.00 City slickers this dude looks perfect for you!

100.00 like a good baseball mit. All worn in and comfortable.

100.00 Lurve glass tops! So classy and convenient.

80.00 lawdy lawdy. Check out that original post and inspect them darling x’s and white top.

75.00 Look at them drawers.

120.00 for this set of classy chairs.

75.00 Yellow!

30.00 The kiddie table never looked so great!


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