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Sacramento – Finally!

30 Jun

Geometric table base with glass top. Tall enough to eat at! I think it’d be a great entry way table – throw a LAMP ON IT. $50.00 here in Midtown.

woweewawewaahhh! I love this piece from the Broyhill Sculptra set. $375.00 in East Sac.

And a few out of towners..

$100.00 in San Jose. Broken bits, maybe they’ll go down in price?

$20.00 in the East Bay. Check it out, it’s got the butt groove in the seat! Comfy times.

Nothing in Sacramento today, but more San Francisco.

30 Jun

Ya jerks! There’s usually no point in even attempting to trek all the way down to SF from here to pick something up — chances are it’ll be snapped up  by someone local. So, here you go.

$25.00 in San Mateo. DANG that’s cheap.

$40.00 in Richmond. Ooh!

$60.00 Santa Rosa. Creamy.

APPARENTLY – this thing is $75.00 and is George Nelson. The catch: this is in Santa Cruz and it might be a typo.

$50.00 in South SF. Looks like a big fat caterpillar.

$10.00 in Oakland. Yep.

Expanding rosewood table for $200.00 in Palo Alto. That’s pretty cheap for what it is!

Two padded shell chairs for $40.00 in the Mission, SF.

Lane chest for $175.00 in Hayward. This one is quite different than most Lane chests I see.

$100.00 six drawer dresser in HAAAYword. Hayyyy.

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