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These aint your Granny’s hoops.

16 Jun

$28.00Well actually maybe some of these embroidered hoops are in your Grandmama’s style and I think that’s okay. Cuz Grannies can have style too OOKKKKKK! *Finger snaps.

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Kiva Ford: smaller is cuter.

15 Jun

I came across Kiva Fords gorgeous little glass creations a couple of months ago when I was thinking about glass blowing. Then I forgot to share them. Now I remembered! There is almost an air of mystery when it comes to Kiva’s stuff. Like how it’s even possible to make something so small look so amazing and dynamic. Wouldnt it be the most cutest thing ever to be able to have a little collection of these guys in a corner on your bar? Or in the window sill? Man they’d look good. Ne-who here’s some more of their good lookin’ things.
$24.00 I feel like my great Aunt Juanita when I see this teeny Klein bottle. I know ch’all got some Aunties like that ya know ya know the one that grabbed your face cheeks when you were little and nearly ripped them off and started to talk to you like you were a (small) cute animal.
$30.00 Seriously the magic just keeps getting more magical.
$66.00 I was thinking of Gretchen from Eichlerific when I saw this.
$65.00 Ha! Also here is an intense photo from Kiva’s shop of the seller doing they thing.
Glass blowing looks hella (HEAVY) metal. I like to think the intensity of this picture is evidence that all this stuff is very magical and great…Yup. … … … BYE.

San Franny and Sacrammy.

15 Jun

$150.00 for this plastic “bar” piece. It holds your bottles, cups, and even your ice goes in the middle! Hoorah! In SF.

Just in time for sum-sum-summah time, this three piece lawn chair set for $160.00 in Santa Rosa!

$65.00 for a cute little orange CB2 stool in SF.

$150.00 for this mid century highboy in Sacramento!

Hutch and table CRAZINESS in Carmichael for $425.00

Got some fish that are super into mid century design? Are they always complaining about their tacky tank? Well a $40.00 fish tank will ease their fishy brains. Down in South Sac.

$79.00 for a set of two turquoisey chairs in SF. Seller says they’re, “SMASHING!”

$200.00 in some place called Eureka Valley. Sticky green vinyl goodness.

Hot. — but I’d want it in a different color. $80.00 in Roseville.

Two Wassilly repros that need to be rechromed. Boo. $50.00 each in SF.

$200.00 little brown desky poo. Waiting for you in Hercules.

$100.00 ceiling fixture in SF. Free delivery in town! Oof I want this.

Hutch for $100.00 in Davis. Got some scratchies.

Cheapy $40.00 desk in Natomas.

Super radical 70’s wall art for $85.00 in SF.

YUCK — I WANT IT! $70.00 for ugly comfort in Sacramento.

Mainline brand bedroom set for $1000.00 and some headboards fo’ mo’! Get yer fill in Hercules.

Vintage trends store

15 Jun

Vintage trends is an online store full of vintage goodies. I am especially awe-ing and oooo’ing all dem pillows they have. Here’s a couple that I picked out that I thought were especially captivating.

32.00 INSANE flower power and colors of oppurtunity right hur all.

24.00 I think its the white fluffy stuff on this pillow that makes me think cupcakes. I am totally ok with having something in my house that is a reminder of such a delicious treat.

18.00 I have a square blue guy like this. He’s cool. Just sits on the couch and demands to be looked at. Ya know typical loud blue pattern behavior.

18.00 How adorable are these flowers? All solid and different patterns. Mah Mah. Last but not least:

24.00 BOO yah. I am really down for what people call “vintage ethnic” prints. They always have really rad colors, and patterns/loads of oppurtunity to add some color into your home. The store has loads more if you wanna dig around and find some you personally dig.

Lotsa Lamps.

14 Jun

1850.00 First I ama start with this bootiful thing. Do you remember that crazy military fold up desk? It looks like this:

The desk above has been striped and polish and man does it look great. The green on is also available for 750.00.

$50.00 for the pair in El Cerrito.

$300.00 for this “Eames” styled book case. (Mondrian! -Serene)

75.00 for this cuteeee lil’ desk lamp in SF. There’s a white one similar to this right now at scout too!

$350.00 in Oakland.

$75.00 (?) not too sure how much this arc lamp is because it’s listed with two other things in the post. :S

At the front today: anaventura

13 Jun

Ana Ventura creates some of the cutest little characters one could find. They are a bootiful balance of dainty and bold (check out dem colors and patterns yo).

383.06 Look at that orange, green, white, and all dem patterns going on. I wish I could pull off an outfit half as good as this.

11.79 Itsa TAPE! Think of all the wonderful packages you could make more wonderful with these little dudes dancing on the top of your brown parchment paper.

103.11 Two things I personally have been crafting-making as of late. Them embroidery hoops and houses! I really dig the white on that grey. Looks pretty classy.

36.83 Winter days screen print. MUSHROOM HEAD!

147.33 All the different tools Ana uses is incredible. Makes me assume her workplace is a treasure mine full of goodies to experiment with. Check out her store for other goodies not mentioned here!

Back in action!

13 Jun

Some of our posts about the fantastic local finds have been semi-lacking as of late, but we have all been quite busy! Our apologies, dear readers. Enough yapping, let’s get to the good stuff.
Holy kazaam. Check out this $200.00 record console in San Francisco. Huzzah.

three fantastically green shell style chairs for $40 each. Get ’em in Fair Oaks.

70’s BLUE BLUE BLUE chair in East Sac.

$600.00 for this super wide Drexel dresser.

$150.00! Occidental brand 1950’s stove in West Sac.

$150.00 for this teaky clean table.

$200.00 big ol’ desk in Reno.

$50.00 for this dresser! wat!

Two orange barstools for $80.00 in Tracy.

$35 rolling teak cart in Gold River.

$50.00 arc lamp with marble base in Chico, yo!

You da, you da best!

12 Jun

I’m sitting here on this beautiful morning (listening to Lil Wayne) and thinking about how absolutely wonderful you all are. Seriously, I am so excited to be apart of this blog. Last night at the Scout Living Grand Opening I must have said, “I met them through Mimomito” a million times. You’re all so great and I have so much gratitude for all of you who came out to support Scout Living. It really means the world to us. Thank you!

With that, the grand opening party was a huge success. If you haven’t made it in yet, please do so. You won’t regret it. Here are some photos:

 We are the women of Mimomito!

Scout Living – Located at 1215 18th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811

Erin and Stefan, wonderful owners of Scout Living.

David and Rebecca (of Atomic Fantasy Vintage) and my dearest friend and fellow MCM enthusiast, Zach.

Rose is the cutest girl that I’ve ever met. Ever.

Remember Ilsa? She let us feature her awesome home.

Serene wearing some amazing glasses.

Ruth and Joe of Two Accordions.

Me and my best friend, Zach. We were voted prom royalty of the evening. :)

Bella (of the Citizen Rosebud) and Hector of Mademoiselle – a dealer at Scout Living.

The fabulous Gretchen, of Eichlerific.

And last but not least, here are some of the great male dealers of Scout Living.

We also wanted to thank Ellen McCormick, Curtis Popp and everyone who reads our blog that came out to support this wonderful new store. Thank you again!

Todd Oldham we love you.

8 Jun

32.95 The great, THEE HERO, Todd Oldham has come up with more Charley Harper for all of us to swoon over. He has helped create some dishware for Fisheddy (so we can get our eat and art appreciation on at the same time) with Harper’s designs on them. Take a look at them folks. They are wonderful.

5.00 Cute glass cup.

5.95 Fishy ishy plate.

12.95 Salt and Pepper shakers.
Check out the store for more! I am thinking of buying a couple of those plates and hanging them on my wall.

Mimomito mentioned in Sactown Magazine

7 Jun

Thanks to Gretchen from Eichlerific for the heads up about  us being mentioned in Sactown magazine. We’re pretty darn stoked!

If you don’t already own this issue, go out and buy it. :)

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