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Mimomito’s One Year Anniversary Shindig

31 Jul

We can’t believe that it has been a year already! Please join us in the celebration of our anniversary on August 6th. Our favorite drinks and desserts will be provided; please feel free to bring your favorite drinks, as well.
RSVP by commenting here, or on our Facebook invite page.

Git’r’Done: Colorful Curtain Holdbacks!

29 Jul

We recently moved into a new apartment, and our latest living room comes with an expanse of fabulous windows. We have big heavy black-out curtains to keep us warm in winter and cool in these damn hot summer days. But during the day I wanted to let the light in and get some cheap drapery holdbacks.

If you’ve ever wandered through the Ikea or Target curtain section, you’ve seen the hideous curtain holdbacks they have for sale; big and cartoony, swooping metal eye-sores. I was looking for something that resembled the Eames “Hang it all” coat rack.

Basically something clean and simple with a ball-shape on the end of it. After searching and comparing prices online, I found what I was looking for at Anna’s Linens online store.

A clean simple tiny piece of hardware that comes relatively cheap, ($9.99 for two on the website, but I found the item through Amazon for $8.00 at the time.) and has that ball I wanted on the end! I ordered three sets (for the three windows in the living room) and they arrived two days later. I couldn’t unscrew the ball pieces, so I had my boyfriend Alan just spray paint them all one color. This is how they turned out!

If I wasn’t so frantic to get them up on the windows, I would have liked to take the time to spray paint them different colors with the white base for that super Eames colorful pop o’ freshness. I am very happy with how they turned out, though. They are a neat little detail in the room, and make opening the windows a breeze. (PUNS!!) Maybe YOU can try this at home and send us some pictures, huh?


29 Jul

$107.00 for this ridiculously great desk in SF.

This set is still available in Folsom for $690.00.

Kind of ridiculous – kind of amazing. $150.00 in Sonora.

Yellow, Gov’na! Four swivel chairs that look like they belong in a bowling alley. $135.00 in Chico.

$50.00 in Sacramento.. for this wacky circular lamp!

$80.00 two pendant light fixture.

Cork-top coffee table. What does that even mean? Check it out in Midtown, going for $40.00.

Oh hey, Wednesday.

27 Jul

“1950’s diner table blue-green formica top with two chrome legs in middle …plus two yellow chairs of that era style to go with. ” From the pictures, it looks like those two yellow chairs are Eames shell style. SNAP! $200.00 in Tracy.

$100.00!! For a three piece set!! Somebody snatch these suckas up! In Roseville.

$200.00 for a table set in Roseville.

$30.00 for preeeetty Conant Ball table.

$100.00 for this Pearsall style lookin’ couch in Granite Bay. WHOAZERS.


Metal locker, metal desk, metal chair, heavy metal.

26 Jul

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
in Rancho Cardova. It might be neat storing all your stuffs – cleaning supplies, hobby supplies. Ya know, that stuff that needs to be stored but doesn’t look too good out in the open. A locker might be a cool easy way to hide all of it.. but not really hide it.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
$40.00 in Redwood city

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
$35.00 in Martinez. I saw once a din-din room that used these chairs. I wished I would have saved the image because it was pretty gnarly! Good to see such a collection used so practically. Oh well!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
$35.00 in Berkeley. Spruce this bean it up, throw it in a corner, call it a day.

I squeal, you squeal, we all squeal for a good deal.

26 Jul

$350.00 for this wall unit. Hey nowwww! In Fair Oaks.

$100.00 Lane dropleaf table in Palo Alto.

$150.00 for dinette style table and chairs in El Dorado Hills.

A little spendy for my taste, but good to look at. $225.00 here in Sactown nasty.

$10.00 chair. BWAH? Yeah.

No price listed for this log holder in Oakland. But ohh, child. ORANGE.

Sundaysaurus Rex

24 Jul

Rahhhhr! The dinosaur that tears apart the internet to find you deeeals!

$200.00 dresser with mirror, as well as a headboard and nightstand for $200.00 that matches the set. Huzzah! Land Park!

Wassily chair for $100.00, oak table with hutch.. for some hard to discern price. I think $800.00 for all of it. But really, I’m not sure. This post is confusing. West Sac!

This seller makes these great credenzas and even puts little hairpin legs on, too. $89.00.

Wacky 50’s bedroom set for $200.00 in Roseville. Peep that highboy! It’s like a stack of legos or something.

Super leather loooounger. Ooh, I want this guy. A pretty good deal for $165.00! matching ottoman and all! In East Sacramento.

$100.00 abstract painting comin’ in at about 38×38″. I love anything big and orange. Pick up this sucka in South Natomas.

Dining set with six chairs and a buffet for $650.00 in Land Park. They’ll even throw in a light fixture! Hey now!

Kent Coffey brand “THE CAPTOR!” highboy dresser. The Captor? It ..Captors.. your clothes. From being on the floor..? $200.00 at store near Highway 50 and Bradshaw.

Grey formica table with two leaves for $85.00 in Land Park. Uhm.. is that a very teeny girl in a bikini looking a tad forlorn? It’s okay, someone will buy that table, honey. Don’t fret. But put on a sweater before they come over..

Community Tonight: Launch 2011 at the fabulous Greens Hotel

23 Jul

As a new Sacramentan, I understand and accept that I don’t know much about this place. I can navigate the local Craigslist, sure. But when it comes to the geography of this place and cool landmarks.. ah, the Capitol is pretty neat, right?

These past few days I have been helping out the folks at Scout Living (you know, that super amazing new antique collective in Midtown, duh..) set up their vendors space for Launch 2011. A one night event, happening tonight, that is a culmination of live music, artists, vendors, and.. FURNITURE!

About Launch:

Launch is a multi-disciplinary audio/visual festival that connects people with art, music, fashion, and design. Launch recognizes and seeks to highlight the cultural overlaps between creative industry and aims to create a cross-discipline experience that allows people to connect with the artists, their work, and the performances.

Aside from the awesomeness of checking out vendors like Scout Living, Fringe, and artwork from Brian Schmitt and Curtis Popp – the whole event is taking place at The Greens Hotel in Del Paso Heights.

A surprising “oasis of rad” in the somewhat underwhelming Del Paso Boulevard row of long-forgotten 1950’s design, The Greens looks straight out of Dwell magazine.

So if you’re not already heading there, drop what you’re doing, withdraw $20-smackaroos from the ATM, and get down to Hot Italian where Launch will be providing a shuttle to The Greens Hotel for tonight’s events. Or get thee to the lightrail, or call up your designated driver.. and put on your fun-time shoes.

Soak it in.

23 Jul

Trying to conjure up some design inspiration from looking at Eames and Herman Miller ads online for the Mimomito One Year Anniversary Party flyer, coming up in August! Let’s see how far my research gets me, eh?


How to find what you like – and what you just don’t.

22 Jul

Generally I like to keep things short, sweet and to the point. I’ve had some thoughts though, about personal style in your home. I thought I’d do a write-up and share. (Accompanied with some rad finds from that show my personal style.)

Reflecting your personal style can seem so simple, or like such a small concern. But without the right tools style can become really complicated and estranged. Maybe you bought an entire vintage bedroom set just because it was, say, 1950’s style! And a great deal! But.. then you realize your room no longer feels as though it belongs to you. I call this phase THE RUTS. Here’s a helpful tool to use when you start to feel lost in the sea of “stuffs.”

Whenever I start gettin’ into ruts,  (by ruts I mean I am completely unable to fathom buying anything, everything I find I feel is garbage, and I feel stagnant in my own personal taste, and don’t know WHAT I like in this world of “vintage”) I start to look at Etsy.

And I look at Etsy like this:
Now, you can tell by all my Etsy posts how often this “ruts” feeling happens to poor me. Doing Etsy searches are a great tool for inspiration, refining your taste, and becoming aware of whats out there because there’s just so much!
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