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Mo’ mobiles. For inspiration or consumption.

11 Jul

I’ve got like two pages of mobiles on etsy saved on the computer bug. I thought I’d put all that searching to good use and show some of ya’ll these fancy dangly majigs.

214.00 Get it?! They are peppers!

I imagine having a ceiling full of leaves. MAGICAL.

I just adore things that are all rustic and mystical like this.

This dude is called wise guy. He stands on his own two feet!

Simple and blonde.

16.00 I noticed the other day that I have started a pretty lengthy bird collection in my house. I find that odd because a couple years ago I was completely terrified of birds. Now they are all over the place. Imagine that.

68.00 Coloful mobile is colorful.

55.00 I realize this looks a lot like what it’s intended for. Baby like! Them colors though. MAH. I dig them. This mobile seems like it would be nice thrown in some lonely corner.

130.00 If you check out that post you can see other pictures of this guy moving (I like to think DANCING) about and it looks pretty wonderful. That ball at the bottom gives it some extra class!

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