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18 Jul

Kevin W. posted some sweet pieces that he is selling on our Facebook Page.

Lane Altavista dovetail 2 tier swivel coffee table. Original finish, very good condition, a few scratches from the paws of our two 20 pound Maine Coon kitties….Yours for $395.

 A Lane Altavista large square lamp table with single drawer. Top has some veneer loss, but solid, and still very nice….and only $75 smackers!

a way cool pole lamp….fake wood grain, nice translucent globes, with that springy adjustable thang….Lets say…Oh..$55 buckeroos!

Yep, nice matching pair Lane Altavista end tables, nice dark original finish, again, HipCat and Bebop might have added a scratch or two, but reallllly nice. I’m asking..Oh…$175 for the pair?

Kevin lives in Los Banos and if you’re interested in his stuff you can message him through FB directly at his page.

A heaping helping.

18 Jul


80.00 in EDH? Not exactly sure what that is. I’ve had way too much coffee and cannot use my brain anymore.

150.00 in Natomas. Not sure if this is an Ikea chair or not. BAH.

60.00 in Natty North. ER HM. Natomas.

100.00 in Pioneer.
Seller ” Vintage Italian Swivel Chair & Ottoman in rich pumpkin color. Excellent condition. Only two dings in wood-back of chair caused by movers. Comfortable and unique piece.”

30.00 in Stockton.

25.00 in El cerrito.

100.00 in East Sac.

250.00 in Reno.


150.00 in San Jose.

100.00 Sacramento!!!

Vallejooooooo, the yay areeeaa! (to be read in e40 voice)

18 Jul

Yay! My favorite rest stop in California is open again.

While I was driving my wonderful friend Jake to San Francisco last weekend, I finally remembered to check out the modern face lift of the Vallejo rest stop. I had been meaning to check it out since its completion earlier this year, but hanging out at rest stops alone isn’t something that makes me feel completely comfortable. This one might change that though, it is so cute and clean  and there is good toilet paper AND there are picnic tables that overlook Six Flags and parts of Vallejo. Is it strange that I really want to have a picnic at a rest stop on the side of a freeway that is in a sad little town 45 minutes from my house?

Anyway, I like it. Check it out! Bring picnic fixings. ;)


And, in honor of one of the only good things to come from Vallejo – I give you my favorite e40 song =D


San Fran and Sactown

18 Jul

$100.00 each bentwood upholstered chairs. Get ’em in the East Bay!

$100.00 Heywood Wakefield looking coffee table. A little beat, but still lookin’ good. In San Leandro.

$100.00 Milo Baughman style white end tables. Cubey goodness in Pacifica.

$275.00 adorable settee! In Oaktown.

Pulled these suckers in from Reno craigslist. – but $40! I had to share.

Very nice shelving unit for $250.00 here in Sacramento.

Mmm yeah. Orange. $40.00 in Roseville.

$80.00 pole lamp.

$135.00 ventless fireplace. This thing is GREAT.

HOLD. THE PHONE. $350.00 for this entire Broyhill table set including the hutch. WHOA.

$75.00 velvetty blue mid century couch for sale.

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