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18 Jul

Kevin W. posted some sweet pieces that he is selling on our Facebook Page.

Lane Altavista dovetail 2 tier swivel coffee table. Original finish, very good condition, a few scratches from the paws of our two 20 pound Maine Coon kitties….Yours for $395.

 A Lane Altavista large square lamp table with single drawer. Top has some veneer loss, but solid, and still very nice….and only $75 smackers!

a way cool pole lamp….fake wood grain, nice translucent globes, with that springy adjustable thang….Lets say…Oh..$55 buckeroos!

Yep, nice matching pair Lane Altavista end tables, nice dark original finish, again, HipCat and Bebop might have added a scratch or two, but reallllly nice. I’m asking..Oh…$175 for the pair?

Kevin lives in Los Banos and if you’re interested in his stuff you can message him through FB directly at his page.

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