Vallejooooooo, the yay areeeaa! (to be read in e40 voice)

18 Jul

Yay! My favorite rest stop in California is open again.

While I was driving my wonderful friend Jake to San Francisco last weekend, I finally remembered to check out the modern face lift of the Vallejo rest stop. I had been meaning to check it out since its completion earlier this year, but hanging out at rest stops alone isn’t something that makes me feel completely comfortable. This one might change that though, it is so cute and clean  and there is good toilet paper AND there are picnic tables that overlook Six Flags and parts of Vallejo. Is it strange that I really want to have a picnic at a rest stop on the side of a freeway that is in a sad little town 45 minutes from my house?

Anyway, I like it. Check it out! Bring picnic fixings. ;)


And, in honor of one of the only good things to come from Vallejo – I give you my favorite e40 song =D



One Response to “Vallejooooooo, the yay areeeaa! (to be read in e40 voice)”

  1. Gretchen July 18, 2011 at 12:11 pm #

    Praise Zeus, they replaced it with good stuff. I was saddened to see the old MCM concrete shells go. But this is in the same spirit and seems to be well done!

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