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How to find what you like – and what you just don’t.

22 Jul

Generally I like to keep things short, sweet and to the point. I’ve had some thoughts though, about personal style in your home. I thought I’d do a write-up and share. (Accompanied with some rad finds from that show my personal style.)

Reflecting your personal style can seem so simple, or like such a small concern. But without the right tools style can become really complicated and estranged. Maybe you bought an entire vintage bedroom set just because it was, say, 1950’s style! And a great deal! But.. then you realize your room no longer feels as though it belongs to you. I call this phase THE RUTS. Here’s a helpful tool to use when you start to feel lost in the sea of “stuffs.”

Whenever I start gettin’ into ruts,  (by ruts I mean I am completely unable to fathom buying anything, everything I find I feel is garbage, and I feel stagnant in my own personal taste, and don’t know WHAT I like in this world of “vintage”) I start to look at Etsy.

And I look at Etsy like this:
Now, you can tell by all my Etsy posts how often this “ruts” feeling happens to poor me. Doing Etsy searches are a great tool for inspiration, refining your taste, and becoming aware of whats out there because there’s just so much!
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Google’s got style

22 Jul

Every day Google changes up their logo to something fun. I’ll have to say, it is especially eye-catching today with an animated Calder style mobile. Cute, guys.

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