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Community Tonight: Launch 2011 at the fabulous Greens Hotel

23 Jul

As a new Sacramentan, I understand and accept that I don’t know much about this place. I can navigate the local Craigslist, sure. But when it comes to the geography of this place and cool landmarks.. ah, the Capitol is pretty neat, right?

These past few days I have been helping out the folks at Scout Living (you know, that super amazing new antique collective in Midtown, duh..) set up their vendors space for Launch 2011. A one night event, happening tonight, that is a culmination of live music, artists, vendors, and.. FURNITURE!

About Launch:

Launch is a multi-disciplinary audio/visual festival that connects people with art, music, fashion, and design. Launch recognizes and seeks to highlight the cultural overlaps between creative industry and aims to create a cross-discipline experience that allows people to connect with the artists, their work, and the performances.

Aside from the awesomeness of checking out vendors like Scout Living, Fringe, and artwork from Brian Schmitt and Curtis Popp – the whole event is taking place at The Greens Hotel in Del Paso Heights.

A surprising “oasis of rad” in the somewhat underwhelming Del Paso Boulevard row of long-forgotten 1950’s design, The Greens looks straight out of Dwell magazine.

So if you’re not already heading there, drop what you’re doing, withdraw $20-smackaroos from the ATM, and get down to Hot Italian where Launch will be providing a shuttle to The Greens Hotel for tonight’s events. Or get thee to the lightrail, or call up your designated driver.. and put on your fun-time shoes.

Soak it in.

23 Jul

Trying to conjure up some design inspiration from looking at Eames and Herman Miller ads online for the Mimomito One Year Anniversary Party flyer, coming up in August! Let’s see how far my research gets me, eh?


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