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Sundaysaurus Rex

24 Jul

Rahhhhr! The dinosaur that tears apart the internet to find you deeeals!

$200.00 dresser with mirror, as well as a headboard and nightstand for $200.00 that matches the set. Huzzah! Land Park!

Wassily chair for $100.00, oak table with hutch.. for some hard to discern price. I think $800.00 for all of it. But really, I’m not sure. This post is confusing. West Sac!

This seller makes these great credenzas and even puts little hairpin legs on, too. $89.00.

Wacky 50’s bedroom set for $200.00 in Roseville. Peep that highboy! It’s like a stack of legos or something.

Super leather loooounger. Ooh, I want this guy. A pretty good deal for $165.00! matching ottoman and all! In East Sacramento.

$100.00 abstract painting comin’ in at about 38×38″. I love anything big and orange. Pick up this sucka in South Natomas.

Dining set with six chairs and a buffet for $650.00 in Land Park. They’ll even throw in a light fixture! Hey now!

Kent Coffey brand “THE CAPTOR!” highboy dresser. The Captor? It ..Captors.. your clothes. From being on the floor..? $200.00 at store near Highway 50 and Bradshaw.

Grey formica table with two leaves for $85.00 in Land Park. Uhm.. is that a very teeny girl in a bikini looking a tad forlorn? It’s okay, someone will buy that table, honey. Don’t fret. But put on a sweater before they come over..

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