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Alexander Calder: My fan mail is enormous. Everyone is under six.

29 Aug

I was talking to Eric about the circus awhile back and he showed me Alexander Calder’s circus performance. Blew the heck outta my mind. It motivated me to learn a lil bit more about dude.
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here,there,far, near, everywhere. Mostly far.

26 Aug

2900.00 in Moraga I usually dont post super expensive things…but this is too tasty to deny.

500.00 Castro
This guy looks lil’. For us people with small spaces lil’ dressers are like the most thoughtful thing a designer could have thought of.

Make them an offer in Salinas. My husband is from Salinas. Whenever he says the name of his town I like to repeat it dramatically. Ya know the way people would say Selena’s name in the movie Jennifer Lopez did. SALLLLLINNNNNAS. If you plan to take a trip out there note that there is not much to do but there is good mexican food to eat annnd Sushi.

65.00 in Claremont

40.00 in San Bruno


50.00 in Fairoaks

150.00 in Fairfax

A numbers/letters person.

26 Aug

I think I’ve mentioned that before. Me drawing number’s and letters since that teenage youth I had, and my husband being a graphic designer, makes us total geeks for the number trend. Them numbers up there are prime real estate!

Neat idurs all round.

25 Aug

This nifty dood from dingaling caught my eye because of the backround made up of embroidery hoops. Clever! Thought I’d share it with ya’ll in case you were wondering what to do with some blank uninteresting wall.


25 Aug

I’ve been looking for a bench like storage doo dad for this awkward corner in my bedroom. I thought maybe a hope chest might do but then reconsidered because it might make everything look way too crowded. Now I think I might make a bench with hair pin legs. My research is now belong to youuuu.

99.00 dolla dolla bill in ingleside.

80.00 in Folsom. Not really sure if its midmod but promising looking.

350.00 in San Jose

300.00 in San Franny from the midcentury mobler fellas.


19 Aug

30.00 disapoint lamp is in hayward. He lookin’ so sad yet so great at the same time.

Mimomito <3's You

15 Aug

I haven’t gotten around to thanking everyone who stopped by our anniversary party. It was such a pleasure meeting the people who read what we have to say.

I’d also like to thank Serene and Rose for being amazing blog-mates and great friends, and Scout Living for all of the continuous support and for hosting our anniversary pary. Thanks to Gretchen from for bringing so many delicious snacks and DJ Noodles for providing us with some booty shakin’ jams. Please check them all out, if you haven’t already.

That’s not all! I also want to express gratitude to everyone who has let us into their homes. That’s such an important part of our blog and we couldn’t do it without your kindness and trust. We really appreciate it!

And last, but not least: everyone who has featured us on their blogs or have promoted us in any way, AND to our most faithful readers: Claire, Angela, Kat … we think you’re awesome! Thanks for everything. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from the party. For the rest, check out the album we have on FB.

Happy Campers: Honor and her Burke chairs

15 Aug

Remember these little guys? Honor and her family picked them up for $40  bucks and this is what they look like in their new home:

Honor says, “they’ll need to be repainted, of course. LOTTA color happening in there.”

I think they look great though. <3 Thanks for sharing, Honor!

The Bay Area and here, too

13 Aug

Hold onto your butts. This was a wide cast net. YEEHAW!

$40.00 in the East Bay. Holy crap, that’s cheap!

Danishy cabinet. $100.00 in SF.

$200.00 for a slat bench and a.. slat end table? WHOA?! In Concord.

$35.00 fan in SF. Tealy keen.

$80.00 lampy lamp. Chromey dome domes of globular light. SF.

$150.00 for a set o’ pictures. In Noe Valley, SF.

Table. For some reason black. $50.00 in SAN FRANNY!

$60.00 hairpin formica table in SF.

$80.00 table lamp. The fiberglass shade alone is worth it. DAYUM!

$195.00 in Vacaville. I don’t like it one bit. Maybe you will, though. I’m a person of the people.

2 chairs, one cup. What? $50.00 for two, and one damaged one. Deal.

$250.00 table set in Davis. Tasty, SCRUM-DIDDILY-UMPTIOUS!!

$185.00 bench in East Sac.

Just a lil’ bit

10 Aug

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
350.00 SCOOOOOP CHAIR! I like everything about this.
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117.00 looks like it might need some attention.
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20.00 floor lamp!

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