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Good morning, y’all!

4 Aug

A fantastic bout of insomnia has awaken me nice and early this morning. Wide awake and grumpy, just for you!

Two Conant Ball band chairs for $100.00. Cooleez.

Redlicks brand end table for the interesting price of $68.00.

Super good lookin’ dresser with nice wood inlay for $117.00.

Oriental teaky dresser for $125.00. Not the most mid mod, but it reminds me of an old steamer trunk.

two pieces for $40.00 for both. dealies, DEALIES!

Chromey floor lamp for $125.00. Noice.

Looks like this poor dude could use a paint job. $65.00 in Carmichael.

Plycraft-lookin’ chair for $125.00.

A set of four of these tasty danish chairs for $175.00.

$120.00 for this lit wall art. Plug it in, plug it in!

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