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This chair

8 Aug

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I love the pictures of these chairs when they are on craigslist. This chair is just always chilling-lookin’ like a lil’ old man-minding his own business, pit putting along, trying not to bother anyone but obviously being bothered by the whole world around him. Not out of irritation but out of honest discomfort because of his circumstances.
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Here he is now looking at his stack of tax paperwork that needs to be filed thinking ‘oh bother oh geeze! Wish I had someone to come by and help me with this. Ah but Charley is so busy. What with that good job he has. Not to mention how demanding family life can be. No matter no matter, I’ll just make myself some coffee and try to remember where I put my good pen.’
Two cups of coffee later(and a couple episodes of the price is right) he remembers there is something he has to do but can’t quite place his finger on what that is exactly. Lil’ ol’ man chair, decides if it was that important he’d have sense enough to remember what it was. So instead of making his way back to his office he makes his way to the porch,where he sits the rest of the morning readin’ his newspaper and smoking his pipe. He is happy.

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