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The Bay Area and here, too

13 Aug

Hold onto your butts. This was a wide cast net. YEEHAW!

$40.00 in the East Bay. Holy crap, that’s cheap!

Danishy cabinet. $100.00 in SF.

$200.00 for a slat bench and a.. slat end table? WHOA?! In Concord.

$35.00 fan in SF. Tealy keen.

$80.00 lampy lamp. Chromey dome domes of globular light. SF.

$150.00 for a set o’ pictures. In Noe Valley, SF.

Table. For some reason black. $50.00 in SAN FRANNY!

$60.00 hairpin formica table in SF.

$80.00 table lamp. The fiberglass shade alone is worth it. DAYUM!

$195.00 in Vacaville. I don’t like it one bit. Maybe you will, though. I’m a person of the people.

2 chairs, one cup. What? $50.00 for two, and one damaged one. Deal.

$250.00 table set in Davis. Tasty, SCRUM-DIDDILY-UMPTIOUS!!

$185.00 bench in East Sac.

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