Mimomito <3's You

15 Aug

I haven’t gotten around to thanking everyone who stopped by our anniversary party. It was such a pleasure meeting the people who read what we have to say.

I’d also like to thank Serene and Rose for being amazing blog-mates and great friends, and Scout Living for all of the continuous support and for hosting our anniversary pary. Thanks to Gretchen from www.eichlerific.com for bringing so many delicious snacks and DJ Noodles for providing us with some booty shakin’ jams. Please check them all out, if you haven’t already.

That’s not all! I also want to express gratitude to everyone who has let us into their homes. That’s such an important part of our blog and we couldn’t do it without your kindness and trust. We really appreciate it!

And last, but not least: everyone who has featured us on their blogs or have promoted us in any way, AND to our most faithful readers: Claire, Angela, Kat … we think you’re awesome! Thanks for everything. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from the party. For the rest, check out the album we have on FB.

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