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Neat idurs all round.

25 Aug

This nifty dood from dingaling caught my eye because of the backround made up of embroidery hoops. Clever! Thought I’d share it with ya’ll in case you were wondering what to do with some blank uninteresting wall.


25 Aug

I’ve been looking for a bench like storage doo dad for this awkward corner in my bedroom. I thought maybe a hope chest might do but then reconsidered because it might make everything look way too crowded. Now I think I might make a bench with hair pin legs. My research is now belong to youuuu.

99.00 dolla dolla bill in ingleside.

80.00 in Folsom. Not really sure if its midmod but promising looking.

350.00 in San Jose

300.00 in San Franny from the midcentury mobler fellas.

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