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here,there,far, near, everywhere. Mostly far.

26 Aug

2900.00 in Moraga I usually dont post super expensive things…but this is too tasty to deny.

500.00 Castro
This guy looks lil’. For us people with small spaces lil’ dressers are like the most thoughtful thing a designer could have thought of.

Make them an offer in Salinas. My husband is from Salinas. Whenever he says the name of his town I like to repeat it dramatically. Ya know the way people would say Selena’s name in the movie Jennifer Lopez did. SALLLLLINNNNNAS. If you plan to take a trip out there note that there is not much to do but there is good mexican food to eat annnd Sushi.

65.00 in Claremont

40.00 in San Bruno


50.00 in Fairoaks

150.00 in Fairfax

A numbers/letters person.

26 Aug

I think I’ve mentioned that before. Me drawing number’s and letters since that teenage youth I had, and my husband being a graphic designer, makes us total geeks for the number trend. Them numbers up there are prime real estate!

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