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18 with a bullet … planter

10 Sep

Every second weekend of the month our dear friends from Atomic Fantasy Vintage come to Sacramento to check out the antique faire and hang out with us. They are pretty much some of the sweetest people I know and today they are bringing me a sweet teal bullet planter , which makes me so over-the-moon-excited. In honor of my new gift, I thought I’d find some cool planters that you could have in your home:

via GooodGollyMissLolly

$46 – via Hazelhome

$30 – via Relicpop

$68 -via GallivantingGirls

Also, if you’re a killer of plants like myself, I recommend the cacti route – super sleek, super modern, and super low-maintenance . Here are some examples of what to do with your planters:

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