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One of Mimomito’s own captured on the street by The Sactorialist!

12 Sep

SHAPOW! GLEEP! GLOP! ZOOM! ..LENS FLARE! Check out Toni’s blurb in this month’s section of The Sactorialist in Midtown Monthly. That’s makes TWO Mimomito writers whose souls have been taken by the lens of the Sactorialist. Rose was in I believe the August edition? Or July? I can’t remember. My brain is breaking. Anyhow, pick up a copy and cut out Toni’s picture to add to your Mimomito shrine you’re hiding in your basement.

Etsy find: Dahlhaus

12 Sep

I’am kinda in love with these colorful vases from Dahlhaus.

The colors are really great.

The shape and design aint bad neither! Lot’s of wonderful opportunities seem possible with these lil’ dudes.

Community: Upcoming MCM Events

12 Sep

Coming up September 18th will be a free self-guided walking tour of six Midtown Midcentury Modern homes hosted by SacMod.
For more info, check out Gretchen’s got the whole story.

Influx DELUXE!

12 Sep

Alright my lovelies, I personally have been slacking and not been able to write some posts. Luckily, Toni and Rose and been doing a fantastic job writing new features and dolin’ out interviews! Whoa. Alright. Time for some Craigslist.

$40.00 Executive desk in El Dorado County. Like a boss.

I DO NOT LIKE BURLWOOD. A lot of people do. I do not. Personally, this looks like a turd propped up on some hairpin legs. Not my steez. $80.00 in Lincoln.

$100.00 Lampy lamp in Lincoln. Also available is the rad screen pictured.

$60.00 slat bench! SHAPOW!

Teeny table in Carmichael for $30.00. Poor little guy is being overshadowed by all the other furniture in the room, apparently.

Two Lane tables for $200.00 in Auburn.

Brown Saltman Coffee Table for $295.00 in East Sac. Shiny shiny.

Kinda gnarly. Kinda awesome. Even the picture is a little sad. $50.00 for this buddy that is a sleeper sofa. I wouldn’t really want to see what lives inside.

BEAUTIFUL mirrored bar in Carmichael for $800.00. Everything looks in completely amazing condition. GET YR DRINK ON!

gi-normous credenza for $800.00 also being sold by Chris. That’s a big boy credenza..

Part of a danish unit for $545.00.

HAHAHA Ahhh the vibrating golden slug chair. $100.00 in Reno – the purveyors of style.

I love these benches with the table space. Mmm. $300.00 in Elk Grove.

Wooden tension pole lamp for $125.00.

Burke chair for $80.00.

Seller also has two tulip chairs for $80.00 for both, or $45.00 each!

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