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Book Shots: ICEBERGS

14 Sep

Despite the fact that I have no desire to procreate – and quite honestly, am generally uncomfortable in the company of children, I love their books.

I collect and savor children’s books – of course, from the 50’s and 60’s. The illustrations and colors, the typography, the hardcover mustiness. I recently came across a particularly wonderful book that I needed to share. These forgotten and discarded books can now live on forever in this segment I shall call — BOOK SHOTS! Huzzah!

ICEBERGS, 1964 By Roma Gans, Illustrated by Bobri

Please view the Flickr Slideshow for even more photographs and large juicy photos!


14 Sep

$60.00 little walnut bookcase with glass shelf for sale in Santa Rosa.

Very cool blue glass swag lamp for $80.00 from Mk Retro!

Franciscan Starburst 10 piecessss for $60.00! I just got rid of a set of these, and miss them already :(

$80.00 for two rad turquoise lawn chairs, and $20.00 for the wrought iron table, for sale here in Midtown.

These things always weird me out. Do I put my drink on the perimeter? If my tumbler is short, will it get knocked over the edge easily? I DON’T KNOW!! $150.00 here in Sac.

$40.00 wall shelf display deally doodily dang thang.

$150.0 Lane Acclaim end table.

Two rad Kroehler Avant side chairs – $125.00 for the set! There is some upholstery damage. But man – look at all the goodies in this picture – that wallpaper, that stereo, MMM YUM YUMS. For sale in San Mateo.
There is a PRISTINE condition armchair version of this set for sale at Scout Living right now.

$35.00 in Scotts Valley.


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