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Back in the Day: David

15 Sep

Our new section “Back in the Day” includes personal photos of our readers from the ’40s through the ’70s.

These wonderful photos were contributed by our good friend David from Atomic Fantasy Vintage. Aren’t they wonderful?

1953: My mom, age 7, on a little mid-century sofa with an very large left-hand arm rest. Was this to set a tray on?

1966: My dad, age 21, on a white vinyl sofa. Holding a model boat and wearing what looks like some kind of sailor’s hat.

1966: My mom, on the beach at Santa Cruz with heart-shaped sunglasses.

1966: My dad with a 3-D Batman comic book.

1967: My mom, front lawn of unidentified house.

1967: My dad, on a block in San Jose with mid-60s cars.

1967: My dad with a friend, custom painting his car. This is the driver’s side.

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Buy Liz’s Table

15 Sep

Our reader Liz is selling this sweet Lane table for $100. Here’s what she said:

I would like to get $100 for it but I am open to offers. It is in fantastic shape. People can reach me by email or my cell is (530) 559-9269. I live in Grass Valley but can meet someone along the I-80 corridor down to Sac.

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