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Etsy find: En Route Studio

16 Sep

En Route Studio is based in San Francisco, and they offer unique reupholstery jobs on vintage furniture, and – gasp – fanciful rugs.
Here’s a bit about them looted from their site:

En Route Studio began with the idea of extending the longevity of furniture lifecycles. Once-loved pieces face final destination in landfills after owners have discarded them. This studio believes that chairs can be diverted from the waste stream to become ‘en route’ again to new homes.

Chaos carpet $1200.00

You may have even seen them on craigslist like I have! At lease a couple of chairs in their gallery stuck out to me, and I said to myself,  “Self – you’ve seen that before!”
Dig around and see if you recognize any familair faces!
$90.00 I am pretty in love with this chair. Them legs!

One of the founders Meg O’Halloran has taken to designing her own chairs. Mid mod inspired with a current twist. (If I ever make a rap song about Mimomito that would be the hook.) Here’s the line:


Playful colors and interesting shapes! Meg’s studio is def’ a place I would love to see the in’s and out’s of!

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