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Best of Sacramento Issue of Sacramento News and Review

21 Sep

Thanks to Rachel Leibrock for a wonderful review, thanks to Ryan Donahue for wonderful photos and thanks to Scout Living for allowing us to use their shop for our photo shoot.

Community: Jeramie is giving these cusions away fo’ freeeeee.

21 Sep

I was cleaning up the garage a little last night and found some vinyl cushions with a floral print in green and orange, that I had stashed away.  I rescued them from my sail boat.  They are in pretty good shape and iIthink there are about seven so the number is off, but maybe the odd number is a good thing?

If you want Jeramie’s sweet cushions, shoot him an e-mail:

Back in the Day: Sherri Stephens-Kadi

21 Sep

Our new section “Back in the Day” includes personal photos of our readers from the ’40s through the ’70s.

This week, Sherri was kind enough to share some photos of her family.  Super cute!

My great grandpa Henry Mossman.

My Grandma & Grandpa During World War II

Great Great Auntie Pualani with Duke Kahanamoku.

Sweet dress! Thanks MoM.
(I spot lucite grapes! – Serene)

My brother Stevie, cousins, Mike & Mark, Grandma & me

Fantastic photos, Sherri. Thanks so much for sending them our way! <3

Also, if anyone else would like to share their vintage family photos that show some great design with Mimomito, send them over to: You can send one or 50.  :)

A lil’ Bit

21 Sep

$129.00 There was a’ lil dude like this at Scout Living awhile back. TIS ADORABLE. For the small people like me self.

$199.00 I kinda dont get the food and bottles trend that was going on for mid mod homes back in the day… but it looks pretty alright?

$160.00 This chair takes up a whole lotta room but as sure as night is dark, grass is green, cheese is delicious, Malamutes are cute  -this sucker looks great demanding all that floor space.

$75.00 in Corning.

With a din din set as well in Oroville for $500.00

$150.00 skinny dude.

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