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Teak desk

24 Sep

25.00 and some TLC. Dude need’s some steel wool taken to him and a leg operation.

Saturday Morning Cartoons

24 Sep

This is usually Rose’s section, but she inspired me to spend my entire morning watching awesome cartoons from the ’50s and ’60s.

I like this one for many reasons but mostly because of the dancing. I’m thinking I might be Olive Oyl for Halloween. She’s a real hepcat and she’s got all the right dance moves. If only I had a Popeye … :)

Rosemary’s Table

24 Sep

Remember Rosemary? She is moving and is selling her super cute table.

Beautiful teak and walnut corner bi-level side table for sale. Boomerang style top level and beautiful tapered legs.
It’s approximately a 2’6″ square in size. Sorry the pics are sideways, couldn’t figure out how to switch them.
$150, cash only.

$150 – Curtis Park – Check out her CList post.

Ryan Donahue Photography

24 Sep

Ryan Donahue did our photo shoot for the Sacramento News and Review  article. Our appointment was at 7:30 AM and we were literally zombies (see photos) but he got us to wake up and have a lot of fun with it. Please check out his work at

Here’s the Mimomito Crew:

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