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26 Sep

Ah, sitting on the couch watching Law and Order: SVU, and trolling Craigslist. This.. is the life of Mimomito writers. Anyhow, here’s some not-so-local finds for y’all to feast upon.

$150.00 in Redding. Look at that lil’ thang. Standing all slender up against that pumpkinny wall. Mm.

Nine drawer dresser with tapery good legs, yeah. $100.00 in Redding.

THIS THING IS AMAAAAZING! $100.00 in Sparks, Nevada. It’s a wonky little coffee table with a slide-out hidden bar. Whoa.

Black dresser – not so sure what the heck is going on with that.. white doodie trailing down the front of it, honestly.. but, it’s $40.00! So, maybe that’s cheap enough to find out. In Stockton.

Alright – and here’s the best for last. This is a vintage blonde wood stereo cabinet for $200.00 in El Dorado Hills. It only plays 78’s, but if you’re a handy person, you could possibly drop in a more modern player. Or, if you’re old school and only have a 78’s collection – YOU’VE JUST SCORED. Needs some work to get running, it would seem. Anyhow, it’s beautiful.

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