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House Industries+Herman Miller

27 Sep

Olly gosh gosh asdhajsdhjahjas!!!! <-EXCITEMENT. Herman Miller and House Ind. are coming together and making these bootiful tables. Single tear rolls down my cheek from the beauty anddddd that they will only be abvailable in Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Via House Ind:

House Industries and Herman Miller are producing a limited edition series of 80 Eames wire-base tables (aka an LTR or Low Table Rod) that include A thru Z, numbers and ornaments from the Eames Century Modern font collection. Forty tables will be available in Hong Kong at the Herman Miller Reach event on September 16, 2011 and 40 will be available at the House Industries exhibition at the Herman Miller Tokyo Showroom on October 27, 2011. Each tabletop is hand-printed by House’s own David Dodde in our Grand Rapids, Michigan factory, returned to Herman Miller for assembly then packaged in a special House Industries-designed wooden crate.

Even the crate is fantastic.

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