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Back in the Day: Sherri Stephens-Kadi

21 Sep

Our new section “Back in the Day” includes personal photos of our readers from the ’40s through the ’70s.

This week, Sherri was kind enough to share some photos of her family.  Super cute!

My great grandpa Henry Mossman.

My Grandma & Grandpa During World War II

Great Great Auntie Pualani with Duke Kahanamoku.

Sweet dress! Thanks MoM.
(I spot lucite grapes! – Serene)

My brother Stevie, cousins, Mike & Mark, Grandma & me

Fantastic photos, Sherri. Thanks so much for sending them our way! <3

Also, if anyone else would like to share their vintage family photos that show some great design with Mimomito, send them over to: You can send one or 50.  :)

A lil’ Bit

21 Sep

$129.00 There was a’ lil dude like this at Scout Living awhile back. TIS ADORABLE. For the small people like me self.

$199.00 I kinda dont get the food and bottles trend that was going on for mid mod homes back in the day… but it looks pretty alright?

$160.00 This chair takes up a whole lotta room but as sure as night is dark, grass is green, cheese is delicious, Malamutes are cute  -this sucker looks great demanding all that floor space.

$75.00 in Corning.

With a din din set as well in Oroville for $500.00

$150.00 skinny dude.

Etsy Find: Jenn Ski

20 Sep

36.00 Tons of fantastic mid mod inspired prints from Jenn Ski! The colors, shapes and patterns are pretty marvelous.




35.00 Check out her shop for more.

Carry on the torch

20 Sep

Lets pull it together mimomito friends. It’s almost the end of day. WE can make it.

Dansk ice bucket 75.00

Two dressers for 110.00? That dont seem right.

Buy all four chairs for 100.00 in Reno. YOHZAH

75.00 BIG ol’ coffee table in Oakdale.

“In the mood” couch is going for 500.00 in Monterey.

Pair of the true blue swivel chairs for 100.00 Salinas






150.00 for the pair.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: How we feel about sound 1969

17 Sep

“Being quiet takes control.”

Etsy find: En Route Studio

16 Sep

En Route Studio is based in San Francisco, and they offer unique reupholstery jobs on vintage furniture, and – gasp – fanciful rugs.
Here’s a bit about them looted from their site:

En Route Studio began with the idea of extending the longevity of furniture lifecycles. Once-loved pieces face final destination in landfills after owners have discarded them. This studio believes that chairs can be diverted from the waste stream to become ‘en route’ again to new homes.

Chaos carpet $1200.00

You may have even seen them on craigslist like I have! At lease a couple of chairs in their gallery stuck out to me, and I said to myself,  “Self – you’ve seen that before!”
Dig around and see if you recognize any familair faces!
$90.00 I am pretty in love with this chair. Them legs!

One of the founders Meg O’Halloran has taken to designing her own chairs. Mid mod inspired with a current twist. (If I ever make a rap song about Mimomito that would be the hook.) Here’s the line:


Playful colors and interesting shapes! Meg’s studio is def’ a place I would love to see the in’s and out’s of!

Back in the Day: David

15 Sep

Our new section “Back in the Day” includes personal photos of our readers from the ’40s through the ’70s.

These wonderful photos were contributed by our good friend David from Atomic Fantasy Vintage. Aren’t they wonderful?

1953: My mom, age 7, on a little mid-century sofa with an very large left-hand arm rest. Was this to set a tray on?

1966: My dad, age 21, on a white vinyl sofa. Holding a model boat and wearing what looks like some kind of sailor’s hat.

1966: My mom, on the beach at Santa Cruz with heart-shaped sunglasses.

1966: My dad with a 3-D Batman comic book.

1967: My mom, front lawn of unidentified house.

1967: My dad, on a block in San Jose with mid-60s cars.

1967: My dad with a friend, custom painting his car. This is the driver’s side.

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Buy Liz’s Table

15 Sep

Our reader Liz is selling this sweet Lane table for $100. Here’s what she said:

I would like to get $100 for it but I am open to offers. It is in fantastic shape. People can reach me by email or my cell is (530) 559-9269. I live in Grass Valley but can meet someone along the I-80 corridor down to Sac.

Book Shots: ICEBERGS

14 Sep

Despite the fact that I have no desire to procreate – and quite honestly, am generally uncomfortable in the company of children, I love their books.

I collect and savor children’s books – of course, from the 50’s and 60’s. The illustrations and colors, the typography, the hardcover mustiness. I recently came across a particularly wonderful book that I needed to share. These forgotten and discarded books can now live on forever in this segment I shall call — BOOK SHOTS! Huzzah!

ICEBERGS, 1964 By Roma Gans, Illustrated by Bobri

Please view the Flickr Slideshow for even more photographs and large juicy photos!


14 Sep

$60.00 little walnut bookcase with glass shelf for sale in Santa Rosa.

Very cool blue glass swag lamp for $80.00 from Mk Retro!

Franciscan Starburst 10 piecessss for $60.00! I just got rid of a set of these, and miss them already :(

$80.00 for two rad turquoise lawn chairs, and $20.00 for the wrought iron table, for sale here in Midtown.

These things always weird me out. Do I put my drink on the perimeter? If my tumbler is short, will it get knocked over the edge easily? I DON’T KNOW!! $150.00 here in Sac.

$40.00 wall shelf display deally doodily dang thang.

$150.0 Lane Acclaim end table.

Two rad Kroehler Avant side chairs – $125.00 for the set! There is some upholstery damage. But man – look at all the goodies in this picture – that wallpaper, that stereo, MMM YUM YUMS. For sale in San Mateo.
There is a PRISTINE condition armchair version of this set for sale at Scout Living right now.

$35.00 in Scotts Valley.


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