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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Rooty Toot Toot (John Hubley 1951)

29 Oct

Picture 2
I think this is probably my most favorite cartoon so far. It’s got wit and charm coming from every direction. It’s not just the illustrations that got me gah gah it’s also the creative way the story is told and the humor. MAH. Hat’s off to John Hubley. The cartoon was deemed number forty one on the fifty greatest cartoons of all time list by members of the animation field and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1951.
Picture 3
The story is suppose to retell a famous song Frankie and Johnny. The song is suggested to be inspired by two murder cases.
Picture 4
“One of these took place in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 15, 1899, when Frankie Baker, a 22-year-old dancer, stabbed (or shot) her 17-year-old lover Allen “Al” Britt, who was having a relationship with a woman named Alice Pryor. Britt died of his wounds two days later.
Picture 5
On trial, Baker claimed that Britt had attacked her with a knife and that she acted in self-defense; she was acquitted and died in a Portland, Oregon mental institution in 1952.
The song has also been linked to Frances Silver, convicted in 1832 of murdering her husband Charles Silver in Burke County, North Carolina. Unlike Frankie Baker, Silver was executed.”
Source (Dont get excited. It’s just Wiki bah)
Picture 7
If you’ve never watched any of these “old timey” cartoons I’d encourage you to watch this one. There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy.

A rough week. Comfort things.

28 Oct

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I’ve had a rough week. If you could not tell by the title of this post. Usually looking at all my favorite things I cannot buy makes me feel lotsa better. I don’t understand the logic in it. I just know it works. So here it is. My favorite ‘comfort things’ on etsy. This is for any of you mimomito friends who are also having a week full of shit stains, migraines, bill collectors, hard up bosses, and lost time. Also, that owl. Itsa bottle opener. WINK.
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I dont know if any of that’s true (college drop out oner) but it sure do make me feel ions better thinking it is.
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Sometimes a pillow is just what a person needs to lay all their troubles to sleep.
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When I was younger my Aunt told me about her man on the moon. I took it literal and argued that the moon could not support human life. She had a helluva time splaining to me what she actually meant by that. She had to outline the face in the moon that was made up of craters, and the name she gave him. My aunt went on to explain the relationship those two had when she was growing up. She was an OD nerd with very little friends or people to talk to. She’d tell him all her hopes, her 6 year old tragedies, and her accomplishments. It seems like a pretty insane thing to do…but I reckon it kept her pretty sane. I can remember my aunt telling her children ‘I love you to the moon and back.’ She’d write it on birthday cards, put it in their room.
After considering the context the weight of that statement is pretty comforting. Every time I look at the moon I see my aunt’s childhood friend, and I get to feeling a helluva lot better.

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Sometime’s getting all bummed out about whatever life stuff that happens to you makes a person do nothing but think about depressing crap. Having a mindless creative thing to do like these blocks is pretty helpful. It doesn’t take much effort but it takes just enough to get the mind going to happier places.
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How wonderful would it be to have a nice floor cushion casually lying on the floor? A floor cushion that is just ready and able to have you plop your bum right on it’s comfy self. You could just sit there on the floor reading a book, drinking some coco listening to the put put of the rain …ya know it’s always raining when you’re in the dumps.
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I’d name this moose Wilfred.
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The feathers in this picture kinda creep me out. The idea of ‘oversized’ though is a real hoot. That price aint bad neither.
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45.00 Due to my family’s deep affection for all things native, I grew up around dream catchers, scary Chief Joseph portraits and war bonnets. I didn’t really understand why they did that. Getting old and crotchety has made me realize how comforting and important it is to have things around that remind me of my heritage. It doesn’t even matter how many generations ago it was or how long it’s been since somebody in your family has even thought to mention a quinceanera. It’s the idea of not forgetting, to remember you have come from somewhere, someone, and that you too will end up doing the same for generations to come. If a print of the girl with the pearl earring reminds you of your great Aunt Edna sitting in the kitchen peeling an apple to give to you and that makes you feel at home. I’d encourage you to get one. Big or small. Your home isn’t only meant to look good. It’s meant to make you feel good too.
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YEAH^^^^It’s the weekend guis. A weekend that should be chalk full of dumb costumes, frothy beverages, kitschy snacks, and good times. Go enjoy it!

Charlie Crowther-Smith

24 Oct

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I’am in love with the mid mod inspired furnitue by Charlie Crowther Smith.
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These lil’ pops of color are what really got me and that cabinet’s illustrations. Mah. A good source of inspiration for any junky piece that may need new life!

Goodnight and Good Morning

24 Oct

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$40.00 I dont know if today’s t.v sizes would fit in that stylish cube. Bigger is better. We need to see the sweat coming out of our reality t.v star’s pores! Ew. Maybe a potted plant? For 40.00 you could find something to do with that precious bean.
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make em’ an offer in San Jose It’s made in Norway!
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$100.00 Boomerang is prolly one of the best words some body coulda came up with.
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$150.00 Hay now that aint half bad!
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Like a lil’ army all at attention.
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Glass tops are just so classy and convenient!
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$150.00 I’am prolly being a lil’ OCD about wanting a new couch..
The green couch I have now just kinda murks everything together. I am not sure if “MURK” is a word but it’s exactly how I feel when I look at it. It’s nice and all, but man does it kinda clash. I gotta either find a new couch (I am thinking swanky wood arms and a light color) or I need to go back to my chicano roots and cover that thing in blankets. BEE TEE DUBBS – this isn’t my couch for sale, it does look a lot like the one I own!

DO NOT WANT: Poopwood

22 Oct

Retro Dining set (cute) 65.00 – $65 (citrus heights)

cute retro dining set. 4 chairs glass table.

(Original Post)
*  *  *

This table and chairs makes the do-not-want list mainly due to the unmitigated gall of the poster using the word cute (twice!) to describe it.

That said, since the original ad was otherwise lacking in descriptive quality, I’ve gone ahead and made some edits and fired them off. Hopefully he/she will update the listing soon.

“For sale is a super cute retro table and chairs! The table dates from 1987 and is finely crafted in solid Tennessee poopwood with a stunning vintage patina and several large food stains. The beveled glass insert is newly auto-tinted. The totally comfy chairs are made of wrought iron and chocolate pudding. Sorry, oddly placed beach towel not included. All offers considered, it’s got to go!”

Do Not Want guest writer Alan “Lover of 1960’s dollhouses” L.


22 Oct

Wow, never before have I realized the word “turd” just sitting smack dab in the word “Saturday. “These delightful finds are far from turds though, dear readers. Let’s take a poke with a stick.

$50.00 in Chico, this amazing adorable great modern little desk!

$25.00 pinky shiny formica-time-USA #1. In Carmichael.


This dude has been listed for awhile – I think the price dropped? $250.00 here in Sacramento.

$15.00 little metal desk in Davis.

Knoll brand lookin’ walnut desk in East Sacramento for $275.00. Solliiid.

Yikes – most things over $200.00 rarely show up in my searches. This is $750.00, buuut I like the drawer pulls :)

$199.00 three drawer dresser in Folsom.

A strikingly similar dresser for $200.00 in Davis! Cuuute.

Formica dining table for $45.00 with a leaf extension. Pretty rad shape down in that there base, eh?

$100.00!! This thing is my personal “deal o’ the day!” $100.00 for RECLINING chair with ottoman! Hoo boy. And did I mention – HOO BOY DAT ORANGE?

Last but not least, this king-sized headboard in Folsom for only 98 bucks. Get it, girl.

Etsy: Bird-Haus

21 Oct

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Thass right. Modern bird houses. You thought it stopped at your house didn’t you. Me too. Now the birds can be just as in the loop as us humans. No more creating nests out of twigs my feathered friends. OOOO. That last sentence makes me a lil sad. Okay. Birds. If you are reading this…still do that. It’s nice to see. But if you ever get tired and need a summer dream house, someone somewhere will have set you up in style.

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I love the colors here. They pop but not in a way that makes it painful to look at.

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Bird-Haus was created by Nathan Daniels in 2011. You can follow him on twitter to be up to date on all your bird house needs or check out his modern chaise lounge how to.

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I know a whooping price. This thing has a pool. Yeah. For that amount and such amenities I would be charging those birds rent. Could you imagine tacking lil’ pink eviction notices to the front of this thing. The lil’ blue jay coming out of his door to find it, cautiously looking around to see if any of his neighbors have been up and about to see the slip of broken dreams he holds shakily in his beak. Mr. Blue would quickly retreat back into his comfortable modern palace to put the slip away (carefully hidden under the new lot of Danish teak twigs he bought upon moving in). Quietly, he’d put on his most demanding business hat, fluff out his chest feathers a bit and narrow his eyes. Mr. Blue would take in a deep breath, nestle a soft good bye to his sleeping wife, and look longingly at his expected children. He thinks about all the hope’s he had for his children to grow up in this nice neighbor hood.
To be free of the looming fear that any day some ol’ barn owl is going to snatch them up in the middle of the night. He thinks of all the better decisions he could have made, of all the second jobs he might’ve gotten, and then he hops his first hop to the door. He’s gonna have a thing or two to say to you before he packs up his dreams and leave. He’ll come to you and explain…this is actually making me really sad. I don’t like to think of birds getting kicked out of their dream home with children on the way. Hold on guys. I got this.
Mr. Blue will come to you and explain. You’ll see the determination in his eyes to put the pieces together and you put your hands up. The two of you set up a deal. Mr. Blue will tend to your garden. He’ll make sure the pest’s stay out and your precious tomatoes ripen to their fullest potential. You subsidize the rent for work. Mr. Blue shakes your hand. ‘A true gentleman and a scholar.’ He says. The years pass by and you both hold true to your word. You’re garden has never been so great, you get to see his children grow up, move away, and start families of their own. It make’s you feel like you made the right choice.

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Arrite now that I’ve cried my eye balls out from near depression and heaps of joy…I think I’ll just part ways with you all. Check out Nathan’s store for more options. See ya.

String shelving: Nisse Strinning

20 Oct

(Photo’s by )
Damn these shelves make everything that get’s put on them look marvelous. Simply marvelous. These shelves were designed by Nisse Strinning, with help from his wife Kajsa. They originally designed the shelves to win a competition the Bonnier Library put on in 1949. They took flight. Became a staple in scandinavian homes and are still used today. I know right? How can this be. How can a whole country still be in love with something decades later?

I’d imagine the appeal is not only because theses lil’ storage dudes look pretty good doing what they spouse to be doing but also because the price is pretty comfortable too.
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Look at dem prices. It’s pretty Nisse eh? EH? *bad joke drum roll
I’ll be here all night folks!
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You can order one of these bad boys from String er here. I will be sure to share some photo’s of mine once they are all put up. I know. MOAR shelving. I got’s lotsa stuff guys. Also if you end up purchasing a string… you don’t need to tell them Mimomito sent you. They wont care. Nobody set me up to try and sell these dude’s to you so hard. I just really like ’em.

Getting into it..!

20 Oct

Thanks to everyone who tuned into Good Day Sacramento yesterday to watch us getting awkward and getting interviewed! And somehow I inadvertently outed my boyfriend as.. A lover of dollhouses. ANYHOW – back to the norm.

WHOA! $5.00 delight of an orange little bugger. Unfortunately, all the way in Reno, Nevada.

This desk looks a little beat, but it’s $10.00 in Davis! If I had room for a work table, I’d consider it..!

Not sure how old this lounger really is – but that upholstery pattern is what’s got me interested. $199.00 in Rocklin.

Four piece bedroom set for $399.00 here in Sacramento – I really like them kicked out legs!

Lots of cool stuff for sale in Sacramento including this bar stool for $35.00, a croquet set for $25.00, y mas!

$84.00 three drawer dresser.

Matching six drawer dresser for $125.00!

$150.00 for these two tables in Chico. Teaky keen!

Rad white swivel chairs! WHOA WHOA – $120.00 for THREE chairs! Or $40.00 for each. This is DEAL.

Chrome formica dining table for $175.00 in Roseville.

$50.00 Steelcase chair. BLAM – that’s some RED.

VAAAAAN HOOPLE! A mid century artist who loves to GLOB ON THE PAINT – and I love it. $275.00 OBO for this 40×50″ painting.

Okay, bare with me here, kids – nooks. I don’t know how often I’ve expressed my love of BOOTHS and NOOKS, but here’s a nookin’ for ya. It might look 80’s and clunky, a bit like two giant lips down-turned into a frown, waiting for your sweet bottom to brighten it’s day. ANYWAY – I think all nooks have potential to be paired with a great modern table, and make a small apartment spacious and a great place for entertaining. There ya go. $100.00 or best offer here near Elverta.

There’s one last bit of furniture here for ya, but unfortunately the poster did not include a photo! But, they mentioned Mimomito, Eames, and Mad Men; a mid century nighstand for $40.00, two drawers, and apparently a nice set’a’legs. Check out the post!

Community: Mimomito on Good Day Sacramento

19 Oct

Thanks to Courtney from Good Day Sacramento for the spotlight on Mimomito and Scout Living.

Check it out!

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