Early mornin’ trollin.

2 Oct

My man-thang and I are about to leave to go camping for a few days, and I suppose in anticipation – he has opted to sleep in instead. Well, lucky for you I had some time for some righteous solitudinous Craig time. Here we go.

Two tiered end table with some skiiiinny legs. If this table needed to buy a pair of jeans, you’d be sure it’d be looking to buy some stretch fit skinnies. $60.00 in Midtown.

Derp. Yeah, it’s one those little repros, but it’s $25.00 in Reno. That’s pretty dang cheap.

Nine drawer dresser for $325.00 in Auburn. Get up in that there Auburn and smell them trees. Tell ’em I says hey.

$20.00 coffee table in Orangevale. Now, I like them there numbers. Says it needs refinishing, shazam!

Torben Standgaard table for $500.00. I love Danish desks, especially ones with big ol’ writing space on the top. I’d be afraid of indenting the precious teak while writing a lengthy love letter to my sweetheart, but I suppose that’s where those tacky giant desk calendars come in.

Lane Lane go away, come again another day. JOKES – jokes, guys. This is a good lookin’ Lane end table for 45-smackaroos.

Ah, SPAGHET! An acrylic spaghetti string tension pole lamp for $130.00. Yum.

Hope y’all are having a good weekend, and getting amped up for some RAIN! YAYYY!

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