Mostly San Francisco – but hey, that’s not so far away..

5 Oct

MY SWEET BABIES! I’ve some mighty fine treats for you all. The local Sacramento gems were few and far between, but here are some finds from near and far. And sometimes even farther.

This delightfully ORANGE set for $150.00 from MKRetro. Hoo boy, could you imagine serving up a Thanksgiving feast on such an attractive set? SHAPPOW!

Blocky blobbin’. Two little strangely vinyl covered and studded .. end tables? Cool. It’s weird – I like it. $20.00 in Orangevale.

$120.00 wooden room divider. Stylin’. In Cameron Park.

PINK! Oof! $7.00 in Stockton.

$150.00 mounted wall unit with hanging drawer unit! AY AY AY! In San Jose..

$20.00 hanging lamp! ACK! I LOVE IT! I WANT IT! It’s so cheese-tastic! In San Bruno.

Also in San Bruno, for $30.00.

Two tables for $50.00, or $30.00 each, in Walnut Creek.

Danish teak stools, 160-bones. South San Francisco.

A cool $99.00 for this little dude in Fremont.


Pair of chairs for $60.00 in San Leandro. They remind me of .. shoe horns?

$150.00 dining table. Lookin’ good – and damn, that’s a lot of leaves!

stoolin’ around. $45.00 in San Jose.


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