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For the broken-hearted, and broken-plated.

14 Oct

Love the Franciscan Starburst set? Tickled Pink? ON AND ON – SO MANY PLATES AND PATTERNS THAT YOU LOVE!? Well let’s say that you do, and possibly you have a clumsy friend, or have just never been able to finish the set. Boo hoo, so sad.

Well, apparently not anymore your tears. You don’t have to scour yard sales and barns anymore! My sweet sweet man spotted the website Replacements, Ltd. for all your .. dish set needs. Now, it’s pretty dang expensive to purchase service for eight and a full set of serving dishes, but honestly, it you just want that one piece, it’s priceless. Oh, also, if you’re a purist and don’t like reprints, this is NOT for yee.

Check out the full list of available Franciscan pieces, and peruse some patterns you’ve never before seen! Also, the Mikasa reprints.

Bird ‘n Hand


Del Mar (ooh this a good’un.)


Fern Dell

Silver Pine! We’d like this set in our house.. to feed ourselves microwaveable bean burritos off of. Only the best.

Most everyone’s fave.. Starburst.

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