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String shelving: Nisse Strinning

20 Oct

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Damn these shelves make everything that get’s put on them look marvelous. Simply marvelous. These shelves were designed by Nisse Strinning, with help from his wife Kajsa. They originally designed the shelves to win a competition the Bonnier Library put on in 1949. They took flight. Became a staple in scandinavian homes and are still used today. I know right? How can this be. How can a whole country still be in love with something decades later?

I’d imagine the appeal is not only because theses lil’ storage dudes look pretty good doing what they spouse to be doing but also because the price is pretty comfortable too.
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Look at dem prices. It’s pretty Nisse eh? EH? *bad joke drum roll
I’ll be here all night folks!
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You can order one of these bad boys from String er here. I will be sure to share some photo’s of mine once they are all put up. I know. MOAR shelving. I got’s lotsa stuff guys. Also if you end up purchasing a string… you don’t need to tell them Mimomito sent you. They wont care. Nobody set me up to try and sell these dude’s to you so hard. I just really like ’em.

Getting into it..!

20 Oct

Thanks to everyone who tuned into Good Day Sacramento yesterday to watch us getting awkward and getting interviewed! And somehow I inadvertently outed my boyfriend as.. A lover of dollhouses. ANYHOW – back to the norm.

WHOA! $5.00 delight of an orange little bugger. Unfortunately, all the way in Reno, Nevada.

This desk looks a little beat, but it’s $10.00 in Davis! If I had room for a work table, I’d consider it..!

Not sure how old this lounger really is – but that upholstery pattern is what’s got me interested. $199.00 in Rocklin.

Four piece bedroom set for $399.00 here in Sacramento – I really like them kicked out legs!

Lots of cool stuff for sale in Sacramento including this bar stool for $35.00, a croquet set for $25.00, y mas!

$84.00 three drawer dresser.

Matching six drawer dresser for $125.00!

$150.00 for these two tables in Chico. Teaky keen!

Rad white swivel chairs! WHOA WHOA – $120.00 for THREE chairs! Or $40.00 for each. This is DEAL.

Chrome formica dining table for $175.00 in Roseville.

$50.00 Steelcase chair. BLAM – that’s some RED.

VAAAAAN HOOPLE! A mid century artist who loves to GLOB ON THE PAINT – and I love it. $275.00 OBO for this 40×50″ painting.

Okay, bare with me here, kids – nooks. I don’t know how often I’ve expressed my love of BOOTHS and NOOKS, but here’s a nookin’ for ya. It might look 80’s and clunky, a bit like two giant lips down-turned into a frown, waiting for your sweet bottom to brighten it’s day. ANYWAY – I think all nooks have potential to be paired with a great modern table, and make a small apartment spacious and a great place for entertaining. There ya go. $100.00 or best offer here near Elverta.

There’s one last bit of furniture here for ya, but unfortunately the poster did not include a photo! But, they mentioned Mimomito, Eames, and Mad Men; a mid century nighstand for $40.00, two drawers, and apparently a nice set’a’legs. Check out the post!

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