Etsy: Bird-Haus

21 Oct

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Thass right. Modern bird houses. You thought it stopped at your house didn’t you. Me too. Now the birds can be just as in the loop as us humans. No more creating nests out of twigs my feathered friends. OOOO. That last sentence makes me a lil sad. Okay. Birds. If you are reading this…still do that. It’s nice to see. But if you ever get tired and need a summer dream house, someone somewhere will have set you up in style.

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I love the colors here. They pop but not in a way that makes it painful to look at.

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Bird-Haus was created by Nathan Daniels in 2011. You can follow him on twitter to be up to date on all your bird house needs or check out his modern chaise lounge how to.

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I know a whooping price. This thing has a pool. Yeah. For that amount and such amenities I would be charging those birds rent. Could you imagine tacking lil’ pink eviction notices to the front of this thing. The lil’ blue jay coming out of his door to find it, cautiously looking around to see if any of his neighbors have been up and about to see the slip of broken dreams he holds shakily in his beak. Mr. Blue would quickly retreat back into his comfortable modern palace to put the slip away (carefully hidden under the new lot of Danish teak twigs he bought upon moving in). Quietly, he’d put on his most demanding business hat, fluff out his chest feathers a bit and narrow his eyes. Mr. Blue would take in a deep breath, nestle a soft good bye to his sleeping wife, and look longingly at his expected children. He thinks about all the hope’s he had for his children to grow up in this nice neighbor hood.
To be free of the looming fear that any day some ol’ barn owl is going to snatch them up in the middle of the night. He thinks of all the better decisions he could have made, of all the second jobs he might’ve gotten, and then he hops his first hop to the door. He’s gonna have a thing or two to say to you before he packs up his dreams and leave. He’ll come to you and explain…this is actually making me really sad. I don’t like to think of birds getting kicked out of their dream home with children on the way. Hold on guys. I got this.
Mr. Blue will come to you and explain. You’ll see the determination in his eyes to put the pieces together and you put your hands up. The two of you set up a deal. Mr. Blue will tend to your garden. He’ll make sure the pest’s stay out and your precious tomatoes ripen to their fullest potential. You subsidize the rent for work. Mr. Blue shakes your hand. ‘A true gentleman and a scholar.’ He says. The years pass by and you both hold true to your word. You’re garden has never been so great, you get to see his children grow up, move away, and start families of their own. It make’s you feel like you made the right choice.

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Arrite now that I’ve cried my eye balls out from near depression and heaps of joy…I think I’ll just part ways with you all. Check out Nathan’s store for more options. See ya.

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