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DO NOT WANT: Poopwood

22 Oct

Retro Dining set (cute) 65.00 – $65 (citrus heights)

cute retro dining set. 4 chairs glass table.

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This table and chairs makes the do-not-want list mainly due to the unmitigated gall of the poster using the word cute (twice!) to describe it.

That said, since the original ad was otherwise lacking in descriptive quality, I’ve gone ahead and made some edits and fired them off. Hopefully he/she will update the listing soon.

“For sale is a super cute retro table and chairs! The table dates from 1987 and is finely crafted in solid Tennessee poopwood with a stunning vintage patina and several large food stains. The beveled glass insert is newly auto-tinted. The totally comfy chairs are made of wrought iron and chocolate pudding. Sorry, oddly placed beach towel not included. All offers considered, it’s got to go!”

Do Not Want guest writer Alan “Lover of 1960’s dollhouses” L.


22 Oct

Wow, never before have I realized the word “turd” just sitting smack dab in the word “Saturday. “These delightful finds are far from turds though, dear readers. Let’s take a poke with a stick.

$50.00 in Chico, this amazing adorable great modern little desk!

$25.00 pinky shiny formica-time-USA #1. In Carmichael.


This dude has been listed for awhile – I think the price dropped? $250.00 here in Sacramento.

$15.00 little metal desk in Davis.

Knoll brand lookin’ walnut desk in East Sacramento for $275.00. Solliiid.

Yikes – most things over $200.00 rarely show up in my searches. This is $750.00, buuut I like the drawer pulls :)

$199.00 three drawer dresser in Folsom.

A strikingly similar dresser for $200.00 in Davis! Cuuute.

Formica dining table for $45.00 with a leaf extension. Pretty rad shape down in that there base, eh?

$100.00!! This thing is my personal “deal o’ the day!” $100.00 for RECLINING chair with ottoman! Hoo boy. And did I mention – HOO BOY DAT ORANGE?

Last but not least, this king-sized headboard in Folsom for only 98 bucks. Get it, girl.

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