22 Oct

Wow, never before have I realized the word “turd” just sitting smack dab in the word “Saturday. “These delightful finds are far from turds though, dear readers. Let’s take a poke with a stick.

$50.00 in Chico, this amazing adorable great modern little desk!

$25.00 pinky shiny formica-time-USA #1. In Carmichael.


This dude has been listed for awhile – I think the price dropped? $250.00 here in Sacramento.

$15.00 little metal desk in Davis.

Knoll brand lookin’ walnut desk in East Sacramento for $275.00. Solliiid.

Yikes – most things over $200.00 rarely show up in my searches. This is $750.00, buuut I like the drawer pulls :)

$199.00 three drawer dresser in Folsom.

A strikingly similar dresser for $200.00 in Davis! Cuuute.

Formica dining table for $45.00 with a leaf extension. Pretty rad shape down in that there base, eh?

$100.00!! This thing is my personal “deal o’ the day!” $100.00 for RECLINING chair with ottoman! Hoo boy. And did I mention – HOO BOY DAT ORANGE?

Last but not least, this king-sized headboard in Folsom for only 98 bucks. Get it, girl.

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