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A rough week. Comfort things.

28 Oct

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I’ve had a rough week. If you could not tell by the title of this post. Usually looking at all my favorite things I cannot buy makes me feel lotsa better. I don’t understand the logic in it. I just know it works. So here it is. My favorite ‘comfort things’ on etsy. This is for any of you mimomito friends who are also having a week full of shit stains, migraines, bill collectors, hard up bosses, and lost time. Also, that owl. Itsa bottle opener. WINK.
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I dont know if any of that’s true (college drop out oner) but it sure do make me feel ions better thinking it is.
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Sometimes a pillow is just what a person needs to lay all their troubles to sleep.
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When I was younger my Aunt told me about her man on the moon. I took it literal and argued that the moon could not support human life. She had a helluva time splaining to me what she actually meant by that. She had to outline the face in the moon that was made up of craters, and the name she gave him. My aunt went on to explain the relationship those two had when she was growing up. She was an OD nerd with very little friends or people to talk to. She’d tell him all her hopes, her 6 year old tragedies, and her accomplishments. It seems like a pretty insane thing to do…but I reckon it kept her pretty sane. I can remember my aunt telling her children ‘I love you to the moon and back.’ She’d write it on birthday cards, put it in their room.
After considering the context the weight of that statement is pretty comforting. Every time I look at the moon I see my aunt’s childhood friend, and I get to feeling a helluva lot better.

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Sometime’s getting all bummed out about whatever life stuff that happens to you makes a person do nothing but think about depressing crap. Having a mindless creative thing to do like these blocks is pretty helpful. It doesn’t take much effort but it takes just enough to get the mind going to happier places.
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How wonderful would it be to have a nice floor cushion casually lying on the floor? A floor cushion that is just ready and able to have you plop your bum right on it’s comfy self. You could just sit there on the floor reading a book, drinking some coco listening to the put put of the rain …ya know it’s always raining when you’re in the dumps.
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I’d name this moose Wilfred.
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The feathers in this picture kinda creep me out. The idea of ‘oversized’ though is a real hoot. That price aint bad neither.
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45.00 Due to my family’s deep affection for all things native, I grew up around dream catchers, scary Chief Joseph portraits and war bonnets. I didn’t really understand why they did that. Getting old and crotchety has made me realize how comforting and important it is to have things around that remind me of my heritage. It doesn’t even matter how many generations ago it was or how long it’s been since somebody in your family has even thought to mention a quinceanera. It’s the idea of not forgetting, to remember you have come from somewhere, someone, and that you too will end up doing the same for generations to come. If a print of the girl with the pearl earring reminds you of your great Aunt Edna sitting in the kitchen peeling an apple to give to you and that makes you feel at home. I’d encourage you to get one. Big or small. Your home isn’t only meant to look good. It’s meant to make you feel good too.
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YEAH^^^^It’s the weekend guis. A weekend that should be chalk full of dumb costumes, frothy beverages, kitschy snacks, and good times. Go enjoy it!

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