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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Rooty Toot Toot (John Hubley 1951)

29 Oct

Picture 2
I think this is probably my most favorite cartoon so far. It’s got wit and charm coming from every direction. It’s not just the illustrations that got me gah gah it’s also the creative way the story is told and the humor. MAH. Hat’s off to John Hubley. The cartoon was deemed number forty one on the fifty greatest cartoons of all time list by members of the animation field and was nominated for an Academy Award in 1951.
Picture 3
The story is suppose to retell a famous song Frankie and Johnny. The song is suggested to be inspired by two murder cases.
Picture 4
“One of these took place in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 15, 1899, when Frankie Baker, a 22-year-old dancer, stabbed (or shot) her 17-year-old lover Allen “Al” Britt, who was having a relationship with a woman named Alice Pryor. Britt died of his wounds two days later.
Picture 5
On trial, Baker claimed that Britt had attacked her with a knife and that she acted in self-defense; she was acquitted and died in a Portland, Oregon mental institution in 1952.
The song has also been linked to Frances Silver, convicted in 1832 of murdering her husband Charles Silver in Burke County, North Carolina. Unlike Frankie Baker, Silver was executed.”
Source (Dont get excited. It’s just Wiki bah)
Picture 7
If you’ve never watched any of these “old timey” cartoons I’d encourage you to watch this one. There is certainly something for everyone to enjoy.

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