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19 Oct

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18 Oct

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75.00 in Martinez
I’ve been out for awhile. Sorry dudes. Crazy last couple of months that have just kept me glued to the couch, with a stack of mint oreo cookies, sleepy time tea, and Mad Men on repeat. I’ve yelled at Draper, I’ve cried with Sally, hooted and rooted for Peggy, and have attempted to assist Sterling and company with sales. I’am ready to do other things with my life. I need to do other things with my life. Thankfully Toni and Serene have taken care of you all in my absence. Woot woot for book shots and Back in the day fam bam photos. Ah right ah right less get to the busy-ness. Stuff.
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40.00 in South San Franny IMO these chairs are the boss of dinning like a true gentleman/classy lady.
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240.00 in Martinez with some upholstery work this guy would up his swank by a whole lotta percent. Unless you are into it. Then he is already swanky enough.
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45.00 in Tracy. The black is prolly upsetting to some of you…but them drawer knobs. Geeze oh geeze they are cute.
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100.00 for the pair in San Rafael.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic OH and same seller is selling this cute lil bean for 65.00.

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I got a lil’ flat file cray cray and started searching for those. This guy is selling some and had another post with furniture for sale…one of the chairs looked a lot like them fancy rope back serenian chairs.

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A lot of steel flat files being sold in sacramento.
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This was the cheapest one I could find. 100.00 OBO in oakland you may wonder what the hell you could be doing with flat files. The answer is…a whole lotta things. Make a coffee table that conveniently stores all your paper er magazines. Repurposing is the new black guis. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Four letterpress drawers for 25.00 each in willow glen. ZOMG XOXOX

Around Town: Atomic Fantasy at “Stuff”

17 Oct

While I was in SF yesterday I stopped by the “Stuff” flea market to see our favorite SF dealers, David and Rebecca. I forgot to take any photos of the flea market, but I did snap some shots of David and Rebecca’s space inside of “Stuff”. They’ve got some great stuff and if you live in SF, I recommend checking it out in person. :)

Saturday morning (afternoon) cartoons: Facts about fear.

15 Oct

“You can make it work for you or against you.”

For the broken-hearted, and broken-plated.

14 Oct

Love the Franciscan Starburst set? Tickled Pink? ON AND ON – SO MANY PLATES AND PATTERNS THAT YOU LOVE!? Well let’s say that you do, and possibly you have a clumsy friend, or have just never been able to finish the set. Boo hoo, so sad.

Well, apparently not anymore your tears. You don’t have to scour yard sales and barns anymore! My sweet sweet man spotted the website Replacements, Ltd. for all your .. dish set needs. Now, it’s pretty dang expensive to purchase service for eight and a full set of serving dishes, but honestly, it you just want that one piece, it’s priceless. Oh, also, if you’re a purist and don’t like reprints, this is NOT for yee.

Check out the full list of available Franciscan pieces, and peruse some patterns you’ve never before seen! Also, the Mikasa reprints.

Bird ‘n Hand


Del Mar (ooh this a good’un.)


Fern Dell

Silver Pine! We’d like this set in our house.. to feed ourselves microwaveable bean burritos off of. Only the best.

Most everyone’s fave.. Starburst.

Homes, Sweet Homes: Lauren and Greco

8 Oct

Who was nice enough to show us around: Lauren and Greco.

I made a desperate call for homes on our FB page and Lauren was kind enough to volunteer her home to be shown on our blog. For a moment, Lauren thought that her amazing home wasn’t Mimomito-material but I’m so glad she changed her mind. Her home is a wonderful example of how splashes of MCM pieces in a home can really add a hint of flavor to the mix. She and Greco have done a great job of mixing and matching.

 What they told us about their home: A fantastic 3 bedroom/ 1 bathroom home in the cutest neighborhood. It was built in 1932 for a Japanese family that sadly was sent to an internment camp. Lauren and Greco were among several other offers for the home earlier in the year, and after writing a letter to the elderly owner about their future in the home, the lady chose theirs. She died they day the closed escrow.

 Where is the home located: Land Park, Sacramento, California

When was the home built and when they moved in: The home was built in 1932 and the moved in May 2011.

Why they chose this home: Lauren said she though it was a great home that she could see herself raising a family in.


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What attracted you to MCM design?

 Lauren: I think the clean yet very detailed lines of MCM furniture are really interesting. Each piece of furniture looks very well thought out and can live happily next to something from a different era. I also love that it reminds me of being a little kid in my grandparent’s house – they still have held on to many good pieces. As you can see, not everything in our house is influenced by MCM. In general, I love collecting vintage furniture from a variety of eras and figuring out how to put them all together.

Favorite designers and biggest influences for your style?

Well of course Charles and Ray Eames furniture is incredibly sexy and George Nelson for his bubble lamps. Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture is incredible. More current, I think Jonathan Adler is amazing for his pottery and décor.   Everything is playful yet tasteful.

How do you feel about reproductions?

Hmmm. That’s a love hate relationship. I love it because it makes those amazing pieces I dream of more affordable, however they are never the same. I think you can tell an original from a reproduction and then it makes the originals a little less special when you see the reproductions everywhere. I have to hand it to Ikea though. When Greco and I bought our house we said “No more Ikea” … well I’m the first to admit that Ikea does have some pretty neat things at great prices. We have two chairs and two side tables that were from Ikea in Sweden. Kind of fun to have “vintage” Ikea, right? 

Furniture wise, what do you think is something you should invest in?

Larger pieces such as a couch, dining room table and light fixtures. Those are the first things I notice whenever I walk into a home.

Where are your favorite places to shop for home décor?

For local shops that are amazing: Scout and Fringe have a fabulous collection of everything you could dream of. The 57th Street Antique Mall and The Antique Trove are spilling with goodies and host items from all different eras. The Antique Faire every second Sunday under the freeway is great and you can get some really good deals. Thrift stores require a little more searching but payoff big time. And last but not least, Etsy and Craigslist!

What are some of your best finds? From where?

A George Nelson bubble lamp that I found for $40 at a flea market. It had a slight tear in it but you can’t see it at all once we hung it up, right J? Greco found a Ekornes Leather Lounge Chair + Ottoman from Scout – it’s from Norway and called the “Stressless Chair” and let me tell you… It is THE most comfortable thing I have ever sat in. Greco and I have to negotiate who can sit in it! And I also found a really cool round coffee table with casters from Deseret Industries for $10. I’m guessing it was from the 40’s or 50’s. It was on its last leg, literally, but nothing a screwdriver and paint couldn’t fix!

Greatest achievement in your home? Biggest challenge?

We purchased our house in the middle of May and have done a lot of improvements in a short amount of time on a budget. We had to completely rip out our front and back yard because it was so overgrown and repainted the outside of the house. Inside we did some much needed updating to the kitchen and bathroom. We have been very fortunate to work with Greco’s father on our house so it has been very hands on and rewarding.

The rooms in our house are pretty small so paint colors have been a big challenge. As much as I wanted to go very dark or bold in some rooms, I have held back for fear of making the rooms look even smaller. I also struggle with sticking to one layout in a room. Often times poor Greco will come home and find a room completely rearranged.

Future goals/ projects?

Definitely changing out some of our old furniture and a piece from Ikea. I am on a hunt for a credenza we can use for our tv/ stereo and a statement light fixture for the living room. On a larger scale, we plan to expand our bedroom and add a master bathroom.

Do you have any home inspiration recommendations for our readers?

Surround yourself with things that make you smile. Don’t be afraid to play with items in your house – move them around, repurpose and find new uses for everyday things. I like to have fun when I work on the house – enjoy some good music, a drink and decorate away! There are so many DIY projects that you can do with things you already have in your home or things that you might think belong in the trash.

Advice and last words?

Blogs, magazines and visiting local shops are a great resource for inspiration. And don’t forget about your parents and grandparents house! Every time my grandma gives me something from their house, I know she is thrilled to tell me the history of it… and I’m thrilled to hear it.

Thanks to Greco and Lauren for inviting me to their open house and for sharing their wonderful home with Mimomito and our readers. <3

If you’re interested in having your home featured on the blog, shoot me an e-mail at:

Just two.

6 Oct

I wouldn’t call it beautiful – but I would call it cheap. $30.00 near Reno.

$175.00 for a dining set with four chairs. The price has been dropping on these, this is a good deal! In Elk Grove.

Back in the Day: La familia de Toni

6 Oct

So, my Dad rules and scanned all of these awesome family photos for me to share with you for the “Back in the Day” series. Enjoy! <3

This is my grandmother.

My darling Dad.

My grandma and my dad. I have the same birds flying in my  home. :)

My dad standing next to the coolest air conditioner. Ha! Get it? Coolest air conditioner?

My grandma sitting at her formica dinette set.

My dad with some fellas next to a cool ‘fridge’.

The Sacramento Zoo. I wish this photo showed the cool MCM structures.

My dad wearing a super sweet hat.

I love everything about this photo. That’s my stylish grandma and my uncle Eddie.

This photo reminds me of the episode of Mad Men where they go on a picnic and dump all their trash on the grass.

Okay, if you know a traditional Mexican family, you know that they like to cover their sofas with awesome blankets. Also, I’m wondering what that tension pole thing is? Anyone know?

Gosh, I can’t get over how cute of a baby my dad was. Seriously.

If anyone else would like to share their vintage family photos featuring awesome furniture and interiors of your family homes with Mimomito, send them over to: You can send one or 50.  :)

Mostly San Francisco – but hey, that’s not so far away..

5 Oct

MY SWEET BABIES! I’ve some mighty fine treats for you all. The local Sacramento gems were few and far between, but here are some finds from near and far. And sometimes even farther.

This delightfully ORANGE set for $150.00 from MKRetro. Hoo boy, could you imagine serving up a Thanksgiving feast on such an attractive set? SHAPPOW!

Blocky blobbin’. Two little strangely vinyl covered and studded .. end tables? Cool. It’s weird – I like it. $20.00 in Orangevale.

$120.00 wooden room divider. Stylin’. In Cameron Park.

PINK! Oof! $7.00 in Stockton.

$150.00 mounted wall unit with hanging drawer unit! AY AY AY! In San Jose..

$20.00 hanging lamp! ACK! I LOVE IT! I WANT IT! It’s so cheese-tastic! In San Bruno.

Also in San Bruno, for $30.00.

Two tables for $50.00, or $30.00 each, in Walnut Creek.

Danish teak stools, 160-bones. South San Francisco.

A cool $99.00 for this little dude in Fremont.


Pair of chairs for $60.00 in San Leandro. They remind me of .. shoe horns?

$150.00 dining table. Lookin’ good – and damn, that’s a lot of leaves!

stoolin’ around. $45.00 in San Jose.

Community: Yard Sale

5 Oct

Sunday 10/9 at 8AM we’re having a yard sale with the owners of Scout Living and our MCM-loving friend,  Hermuncle, from San Francisco. There’s going to be so much stuff it will blow your mind. Also, it’s going to be 76 degrees, at least come by and enjoy the sun with us!

2623 H street, Sacramento CA

I’ll try to get some photos of what’s being sold. Hope to see you there!





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